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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Case number 5 : systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)Borg, Rebecca; Borg, Marika
2017The evolution of MiFID and its impact on investment services firmsBorg, Rebecca
2015-12Fly power for neurodegenerationBorg, Rebecca
2023Genetic landscape of ALS in Malta based on a quinquennial analysisFarrugia Wismayer, Maria; Farrugia Wismayer, Andrew; Borg, Rebecca; Abela, André; Chircop, Charmaine; Aquilina, Josanne; Soler, Doriette; Pace, Adrian; Vella, Malcolm; Vassallo, Neville; Cauchi, Ruben J.; Bonavia, Karl
2023Loss of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis risk factor SCFD1 causes motor dysfunction in DrosophilaBorg, Rebecca; Purkiss, Angie; Cacciottolo, Rebecca; Herrera, Paul; Cauchi, Ruben J.
2022Nephrocalcinosis in a 13-year-old girl with type 1 diabetes mellitus complicated by Mauriac syndromeBorg, Rebecca; Bartolo, Veronica; Formosa, Nancy; Said Conti, Valerie; Torpiano, John
2021-10Quality of care in a paediatric emergency departmentBorg, Rebecca; Borg Cremona, John; Dimech, Thea; Aquilina, Annelise; Grech, Marie Claire; Curmi, Francesca; Degiorgio, Sophie; Azzopardi, Eugenio
2023Reduced levels of ALS gene DCTN1 induce motor defects in DrosophilaBorg, Rebecca; Herrera, Paul; Purkiss, Angie; Cacciottolo, Rebecca; Cauchi, Ruben J.
2023Systematic review on the effectiveness of medical cannabis for the treatment of chronic painBorg, Rebecca; Bowman, Corinne; Vella Bonanno, Patricia; Cordina, Maria
2018-10Term admissions to neonatal intensive care unit : a Maltese observational studyBorg, Rebecca; Dimech, Martha Ann; Xuereb, Sarah; Muscat Baron, Yves