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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Adapting to climate change from a regional perspective : in search of a requisite policy and legal framework for the MediterraneanBorg, Simone; Pace, Roderick; University of Malta. Institute for European Studies
2010Agriculture adaptation in climate change : adaptation reportSpiteri Gingell, David; Seychell, Martin; Attard, George; Borg, Simone; Cremona, Marco; Sammut, Charles V.; Muscat, Mark; Camilleri, George; Debono, Robert; The Climate Change Committee for Adaptation (CCCA)
2017Bridging the gap : regulating climate change and its impacts on ocean lifeBorg, Simone
2007Country report for MaltaBorg, Simone
1994Domestic jurisdiction over natural resources and their conservation and protection under international lawBorg, Simone
2002Final report in connection with MED-ERMIS (Mediterranean Environmental Reporting Monitoring and Information System) MALTABriguglio, Lino; Mercieca, Kevin; Borg, Michelle; Borg, Simone; Briguglio, Marie; Camilleri, Marguerite; Cassar, Louis; Cilia, George; Farrugia, Louise; Formosa, Saviour; Gauci, Joseph; Lanfranco, Sandro; Magro, Joselyn; Magro Conti, Joseph; Mallia, Adrian; Mifsud, Carmen; Mifsud, Paul; Portelli, Rachel; Stevens, Darren; Vella, Alan
2016Foreword [ELSA Malta Law Review, 6, 2016]Borg, Simone
2012The influence of international case law on aspects of international law relating to the conservation of living marine resources beyond national jurisdictionBorg, Simone
2023Introduction to the research handbook on ocean governance lawBorg, Simone; Vella De Fremeaux (Mallia), Patricia; Attard, Felicity
2011Making the case for marine spatial planning in the Maltese IslandsDeidun, Alan; Borg, Simone; Micallef, Aaron
2010Malta (MT) : Consular and diplomatic protection legal framework in the EU member statesCassar Torregiani, Patricia; Borg, Simone
2002Malta National Report submitted by the Government of Malta to the World Summit on Sustainable DevelopmentBriguglio, Lino; Cordina, Gordon; Briguglio, Marie; Portelli, Rachel; Pace, Paul; Borg, Simone; Abela, Anthony M.; Baldacchino, Godfrey; Borg, Michelle; Carbone, George; Caruana, Maurice; Casingena-Harper, Jennifer; Cassar, Godwin; Cremona, Alexandra; Farrugia, Louise; Formosa, Saviour; Gauci, Vince; Laiviera, Renée; Licari, Lucianne; Mangion, John; Mercieca, Kevin; Mizzi, Stephanie; Pizzuto, Anton; Said, George; Schembri, Patrick; Vella, Alfred
2018Playing with fireBorg, Simone
2023Research handbook on ocean governance lawBorg, Simone; Attard, Felicity; Vella De Fremeaux (Mallia), Patricia
2017The seventh national communication of Malta under the United Nations framework convention on climate changeCiarlo, James; Aquilina, Noel; Attard, Maria; Borg, Simone; Pace, Paul J.; Vassallo, Saviour; Balzan, Mario; Camilleri, Catherine; Deidun, Alan; Drago, Aldo; Farrugia, Simon; Galdies, Charles; Moncada, Stefano; Mule’ Stagno, Luciano; Muscat, Josianne; Sapiano, Manuel; Schembri, Paul Joseph; Schiavone, Joseph; Sciberras, Elaine; Stevens, Darrin; Torpiano, Alex; Von Brockdorff, Philip; Malta Resource Authority; Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change
2014The third, fourth, fifth and sixth National Communication of Malta under the United Nations framework convention on climate changeAquilina, Noel; Attard, Maria; Borg, Simone; Ciarlo, James; Fenech, Sara; Kemp, Lucy; Muscat, David; Pace, Paul J.; Qoul, Claire; Refalo, Louise; Vassallo, Saviour; Malta Resource Authority; Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change