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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An approximate maximum likelihood interpretation of partial least squares (PLS) S. Co. 2013 ConferenceBorg Inguanez, Monique; Kent, John T.
2022A Bayesian approach to measuring risk on portfolios with many assetsBonello, Samuel; Suda, David; Borg Inguanez, Monique
2019Data analysis and data processing : engineering education in Malta paving the way for future industryBorg Inguanez, Monique; Sammut, Fiona; Pace Kiomall, A.; Cachia, M.
2009An evaluation of estimation and inference methodologies in roc analysisBorg Inguanez, Monique
2019Fibrinogen measurement in liver disease : validation of the functional fibrinogen thromboelastography assay and a novel mathematical predictive modelRizzo, Kirsty; Zammit, Daniel; Gatt, Peter; Grima, Charlie; Borg Inguanez, Monique; Gerada, Jurgen; Ellul, Pierre; Vassallo, Mario; Azzopardi, Neville; Pocock, James; Gatt, Alexander; Vella, Kevin
2001Homomorphisms and the number of divisorsButtigieg, Sarah; Borg Inguanez, Monique
2003Interlacing and carbon ballsBorg Inguanez, Monique; Buttigieg, Sarah; Attard, Amanda
2022Multiple changepoint analysis of COVID-19 infection progression and related deaths in the small island state of MaltaUrsino, Gianluca; Suda, David; Borg Inguanez, Monique
2023Of pathogens and probabilitiesSuda, David; Borg Inguanez, Monique; Ursino, Gianluca
2023Preventing healthcare-associated MRSA bacteremia : getting to the root of the problemBorg, Michael Angelo; Suda, David; Tartari Bonnici, Ermira; Farrugia, Claire; Xuereb, Deborah; Borg Inguanez, Monique
2019A quantitative analysis of Maltese educational pathways and their impact on the take-up of the engineering professionAzzopardi, Marc Anthony; Zammit, Brian; Micallef, Daniel; Buhagiar, Daniel; Borg Inguanez, Monique; Sammut, Fiona; Pace Kiomall, Alexia; Cachia, Mario; Pulé, Sarah