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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
202330 years of planning : preventing the tragedy of the commons?Briguglio, Marie
1992Alternative specifications of the consumption function for the Maltese economyBriguglio, Marie
2021Analysis of the budgetBriguglio, Marie; Catania, Moira
2023Are STEM students creative thinkers?Borg Preca, Christabel; Baldacchino, Leonie; Briguglio, Marie; Mangion, Margaret
2020Artists, audiences and wellbeing : an economic analysisBriguglio, Marie; Camilleri, Gilmour; Vella, Melchior
2022Assessing creativity in secondary schools : a focus on the impact of an arts-based interventionBriguglio, Marie; Baldacchino, Leonie; Mangion, Margaret
n.d.Baqghalna b'xiex nibnu?Briguglio, Marie
2020Behavioral economics in film : insights for educatorsBriguglio, Marie; Acchiardo, Charity-Joy; Mateer, Dirk; Geerling, Wayne
2018Behavioural economics and small states : a focus on social preferencesBriguglio, Marie; Spiteri, Jonathan V.
2013Beyond blue, green and redBaldacchino, Godfrey; Briguglio, Marie; Cutajar, JosAnn; Mallia, Abigail; Spiteri, Lino; Vella, Mario
2020Beyond the economyBriguglio, Marie
1995Bil-flus taghmel triq fil-baharBriguglio, Marie
2021Born or grown : enablers and barriers to circular business in EuropeBriguglio, Marie; Llorente-González, Leandro J.; Meilak, Christopher; Pereira, Ángeles; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Vence, Xavier
2001-11-18Budget 2002 : what does Malta need?Azzopardi, Peppi; Mifsud, Alfred; Mifsud, Joe; Briguglio, Marie
2022A career in the green economyBriguglio, Marie
2015Climate change and health vulnerability in informal urban settlements in the Ethiopian rift valleyBambrick, Hilary; Moncada, Stefano; Briguglio, Marie
2019Contributing to value creation through gamification as engagement marketingGrech, Elaine Marie; Briguglio, Marie; Said, Emanuel
2017Cultural participation : small population – big variationBriguglio, Marie
2016Cultural participation in Malta : the who, the how and the whyBriguglio, Marie
2018Cycling to university : motives and barriersBriguglio, Marie