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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Are ENGOs empowered through EU accession? The case of Maltese ENGOsBriguglio, Michael
2014Bird hunting in European Malta : a case of ENGO empowerment?Briguglio, Michael
2015-06-15The bird hunting referendum in MaltaBriguglio, Michael
2016Chapter 15 : EnvironmentBriguglio, Michael
2016Chapter 16 : Political parties and social movementsBriguglio, Michael
2016Chapter 19 : Social policy, poverty and social exclusionBriguglio, Michael; Bugeja, lan; Vella, Mary Grace
2019-07-18Checking Malta’s powerful Prime Minster through constitutional reformsBriguglio, Michael
2011A civil society perspective of sustainable energy policy and green jobs in Malta as a small EU stateBriguglio, Michael; Brown, Maria; Aquilina, Diana
2018Civil society perspectives on green jobs in sustainable energy : the case of European MaltaBriguglio, Michael; Brown, Maria
2020The Daphne protests at the end of 2019 - a chronologyBriguglio, Michael
2018Digital activism, physical activism : Malta’s front harsien ODZBriguglio, Michael
2009Discouragement amongst ageing workers in Malta within an EU contextBrown, Maria; Briguglio, Michael
2017-04ENGO impacts on Climate Change Policy in European MaltaBriguglio, Michael
2012ENGOs, EU accession and empowerment : the case of land rationalisation in MaltaBriguglio, Michael
2013EU accession and civil society empowerment : the case of Maltese ENGOsBriguglio, Michael;
2011Exploring Malta's welfare modelBriguglio, Michael; Bugeja, Ian
2003Global dominance / global resistanceBriguglio, Michael
2013-11Graduand’s speech November 2013Briguglio, Michael
2001Ideological and strategic shifts from old labour to new labour in MaltaBriguglio, Michael;
2016-10-19Insitutionalization : a one way process? : the case of Birdlife MaltaBriguglio, Michael