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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An analysis of Malta's debt reduction paths in line with the EU's fiscal frameworkBuhagiar, David
1999A category of continuous mapsBuhagiar, David
2006Connective spacesBuhagiar, David; Muscat, Joseph
2013-04Fell continuous multi-sectionsBuhagiar, David; Gutev, Valentin
1998Invariance of strong paracompactness under closed-and-open mapsBuhagiar, David
2007Locally realcompact and HN-complete spacesBuhagiar, David; Chetcuti, Emmanuel
2011-06Loomis-Sikorski theorem and Stone duality for effect algebras with internal stateBuhagiar, David; Chetcuti, Emmanuel; Dvurecenskij, Anatolij
2005Measure-theoretic characterizations of certain topological propertiesBuhagiar, David; Dvurecenskij, Anatolij; Chetcuti, Emmanuel
2004-08A note on strongly closed subspaces in an inner product spaceBuhagiar, David
2009-06On Gleason’s theorem without GleasonBuhagiar, David; Chetcuti, Emmanuel; Dvurecenskij, Anatolij
2004On isomorphisms of inner product spacesBuhagiar, David; Chetcuti, Emmanuel
1999-09On metrizable type (MT-) maps and spacesBuhagiar, David; Pasynkov, Boris Alekseevich; Miwa, Takashi
2005-08On strong cellularity type properties of Lindelof groupsBuhagiar, David; Pasynkov, Boris Alekseevich
1998-01On superparacompact and Lindelof GO-spacesBuhagiar, David; Miwa, Takashi
1996On uniform paracompactnessBuhagiar, David; Pasynkov, Boris Alekseevich
2008-03Only 'free' measures are admissable on F(S) when the inner product space S is incompleteBuhagiar, David; Chetcuti, Emmanuel
2012-06The order topology on the projection lattice of a Hilbert spaceBuhagiar, David; Chetcuti, Emmanuel; Weber, Hans
2008-09Orthonormal bases and quasi-splitting subspaces in pre-Hilbert spacesBuhagiar, David; Chetcuti, Emmanuel; Weber, Hendrik
2001Partial topological products in MAPBuhagiar, David
2014-04Pre-Hilbert spaces with anomalous splitting and orthogonally-closed subspace structuresBuhagiar, David; Chetcuti, Emmanuel; Weber, Hans