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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Application of Lysinibacillus sphaericus for concrete crack healing using different calcium sourcesFarrugia, Christine; Borg, Ruben Paul; Buhagiar, Joseph; Ferrara, Liberato
2019The application of Lysinibacillus sphaericus for surface treatment and crack healing in mortarFarrugia, Christine; Borg, Ruben Paul; Ferrara, Liberato; Buhagiar, Joseph
2018The application of natural organic additives in concrete : opuntia ficus-indicaAquilina, Anne; Borg, Ruben Paul; Buhagiar, Joseph
2018The application of natural organic additives in concrete : opuntia ficus-indicaAquilina, Anne; Borg, Ruben Paul; Buhagiar, Joseph
2012-06Augmentation of crevice corrosion resistance of medical grade 316LVM stainless steel by plasma carburisingBuhagiar, Joseph; Spiteri, Andre; Sacco, Malcolm; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Dong, Hanshan
2010Autogenous laser keyhole welding of AISI 316LTiD'Amato, Clayton; Fenech, Maurizio; Abela, Stephen; Betts, John Charles; Buhagiar, Joseph
2012-04Corrosion behaviour of carbon S-phase created on Ni-free biomedical stainless steelFormosa, Dennis; Hunger, Ralph; Spiteri, Andre; Dong, Hanshan; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Buhagiar, Joseph
2015Corrosion behaviour of triode plasma diffusion treated and PVD TiN-coated Ti-6Al-4V in acidified aqueous chloride environmentsScerri, Anthony; Buhagiar, Joseph; Banfield, Sarah; Avelar-Batista Wilson, J. C.; Housden, Jonathan; Leyland, Adrian; Matthews, Allan; Cassar, Glenn
2019The effect of alloying elements on the properties of pressed and non-pressed biodegradable Fe–Mn–Ag powder metallurgy alloysCaligari Conti, Malcolm; Mallia, Bertram; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Schembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Buhagiar, Joseph; Vella, Daniel A.
2022Elastomers for the development of orthopaedic implants : a reviewAbela, Dylan; Rochman, Arif; Buhagiar, Joseph; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Schembri-Wismayer, Pierre
1988Folklore fir-rħajjel qadim ta' BubaqraBuhagiar, Joseph
2018Influence of cold rolling on in vitro cytotoxicity and electrochemical behaviour of an Fe-Mn-C biodegradable alloy in physiological solutionsCaligari Conti, Malcolm; Aquilina, Daniel; Paternoster, Carlo; Vella, Daniel; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Mantovani, Diego; Cassar, Glenn; Schembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Buhagiar, Joseph
2015Influence of cross-rolling on the micro-texture and biodegradation of pure iron as biodegradable material for medical implantsObayi, Camillus Sunday; Tolouei, Ranna; Paternoster, Carlo; Turgeon, Stephane; Okorie, Boniface Adeleh; Obikwelu, Daniel Oray; Cassar, Glenn; Buhagiar, Joseph; Mantovani, Diego
2014Laser surface alloying of an A356 aluminium alloy using nickel and Ni-Ti-C : a corrosion studyD'Amato, Clayton; Buhagiar, Joseph; Betts, John Charles
1992Melita Theologica : volume 43 : issue 1Abela, Anthony; Borg, Vincent; Eminyan, Maurice; Gatt, Raymond; Galea, Joseph; Buhagiar, Joseph
1992Melita Theologica : volume 43 : issue 2Abela, Anthony; Borg, Vincent; Eminyan, Maurice; Buhagiar, Joseph; Polidano, David; Micallef, Robert
1993Melita Theologica : volume 44 : issue 1Abela, Anthony; Eminyan, Maurice; Buhagiar, Joseph; Polidano, David
2017Micropropagation of Quercus pubescens from budsIannaccone, Marco; Santo, Patrick di; Buhagiar, Joseph; Paura, Bruno
2012-11The mTOR inhibitor, rapamycin, sensitises solid tumour cell lines to isoprenoid induced toxicityFarrugia, Mario; Buhagiar, Joseph; Podesta, Marie Therese; Petroni, Vanessa; Grech, Godfrey
2015Neptume ; no-discharge energy-efficient prototype for the treatment of urban municipal effluentCachia, Stefan; Buhagiar, Joseph; Miceli Farrugia, Alberto