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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Arabs in Europe : arguments for and against integrationSammut, Gordon; Yovchelovitch, Sandra; Buhagiar, Luke Joseph; Veltri, Giuseppe Alessandro; Redd, Rozlyn; Salvatore, Sergio
2020Attitude measurementBuhagiar, Luke Joseph; Sammut, Gordon
2020Considering the socio-cultural terrain of hazardous behaviours : a cross-cultural study on problem gambling among Maltese and Italian peopleMarinaci, Tiziana; Venuleo, Claudia; Buhagiar, Luke Joseph; Mossi, Piergiorgio; Sammut, Gordon
2020IslamBuhagiar, Luke Joseph; Sammut, Gordon; Avdi, Evrinomy; Koutri, Ifigeneia; Mylona, Anna; Pop, Alina; Rochira, Alessia; Redd, Rozlyn R.; Santarpia, Alfonso
2014Outlooks on the godless : attitudes towards atheists among students at the University of MaltaBuhagiar, Luke Joseph
2019Perceptions of security reportMifsud, Rebekah; Buhagiar, Luke Joseph; Brockdorff, Noellie; Sammut, Gordon
2020A report on minority relations in MaltaBuhagiar, Luke Joseph; Mifsud, Rebekah; Brockdorff, Noellie; Sammut, Gordon
2020‘Social re-presentation for…’ : an action-oriented formula for intergroup relations researchBuhagiar, Luke Joseph; Sammut, Gordon
2017The sociocultural determination of planned behaviorSammut, Gordon; Buhagiar, Luke Joseph
2018There’s no such thing as a good Arab : cultural essentialism and its functions concerning the integration of Arabs in EuropeBuhagiar, Luke Joseph; Sammut, Gordon; Rochira, Alessia; Salvatore, Sergio
2020Understanding political participation in media discourse : a social representations approachMannarini, Terri; Buhagiar, Luke Joseph; Rochira, Alessia; Avdi, Evrinomy; Koutri, Ifigeneia; Mylona, Anna; Sammut, Gordon; Salvatore, Sergio