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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982The appointment of Bishop A.M. Buhagiar as Administrator Apostolic of MaltaBuhagiar, Mario; Azzopardi, Francis
2002Archeologia paleocristiana e Bizantina di Malta : nuove acquisizioni e nuove riflessioniBuhagiar, Mario; Bonanno, Anthony
1995The artistic heritage of Gozo : a study of patronage patterns in a small island communityBuhagiar, Mario
1993Book reviewsBuhagiar, Mario; Espinosa-Rodriguez, Antonio
2010Book reviewsVella, Charlene; Buhagiar, Mario; Grima, Joseph Francis; Mousù, Salvator; Serracino-Inglott, Peter
1977Book reviewsEllul, Michael; Mangion, Giovanni; Brincat, Joseph M. (Giuseppe); Wettinger, Godfrey; Zammit Mangion, Joseph; Luttrell, Anthony T.; Lanfranco, Edwin; Scerri, Louis J.; Mallia-Milanes, Victor; Buhagiar, Mario
1983British Diplomacy and the election of Bishop Gaetano Pace FornoBuhagiar, Mario; Bezzina, Joseph
1978The casa Ippolito at BirżebbuġaBuhagiar, Mario
1978The Church of St. Paul the HermitBuhagiar, Mario
1982Count Saverio Marchese (1757-1833) : his picture-gallery and his bequest to the Cathedral MuseumAzzopardi, John; Buhagiar, Mario; Malta Historical Society
1979The crypt and church of S. Marija tal-Virtu' at RabatBuhagiar, Mario
2018The culture of rock-cut cemeteries and artificial ritual caves in Roman and Byzantine MaltaBuhagiar, Mario
1990The date of the skeletal remains at ŻejtunBuhagiar, Mario
1996The Early Christian remains at tas-Silg and San Pawl Milqi, Malta : a reconsideration of the archaeological evidenceBuhagiar, Mario
1993The Fresco cycle in the church of the Annunciation at Hal Millieri, Malta - some iconographical and historical considerationsBuhagiar, Mario
1997Gozo in late Roman, Byzantine and Muslim timesBuhagiar, Mario
2004The historical background to the cult of St. Philip of Agira in MaltaBuhagiar, Mario; Cortis, Toni
1998The iconography of the Maltese rock-tombs Punico-Hellenistic, Paleochristian and ByzantineBuhagiar, Mario
1985-08-03Il-Birgu fi żmien l-imperatur Frederiku II Hohenstaufen (1220-1250)Buhagiar, Mario
2011Il-kwadru titulari ta' San SebastjanBuhagiar, Mario