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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966Assessment of the Maltese economyBusuttil, Salvino
1966Assessment of the Maltese economy : the proposal to the Government of Malta for a Free Trade Zone in Malta to be known as MEDPORTBusuttil, Salvino
1972A comparative note on the social concept of work in Aquinas and in recent Papal documentsBusuttil, Salvino
1968The decimalization of Maltese currencyBusuttil, Salvino
1971Economic and Social Studies : volume 1Busuttil, Salvino
1973Economic and Social Studies : volume 2Busuttil, Salvino
1974Economic and Social Studies : volume 3Busuttil, Salvino
1975Economic and Social Studies : volume 4Busuttil, Salvino
1976Economic and Social Studies : volume 5Busuttil, Salvino
1998Future generations and international lawAgius, Emmanuel; Busuttil, Salvino; Kim, Tae-Chang; Yazaki, Katsuhiko
1998Germ-line intervention and our responsibilities to future generationsAgius, Emmanuel; Busuttil, Salvino; Kim, Tae-Chang; Yazaki, Katsuhiko
2012Landscape approaches for ecosystem management in Mediterranean IslandsConrad, Elisabeth; Cassar, Louis F.; Baldacchino, Godfrey; Vogiatzakis, Ioannis N.; Griffiths, Geoffrey H.; Cordina, Gordon; Farrugia, Nadia; Çakci, Isil; Belkayali, Nur; Tazebay, Ilkden; Busuttil, Salvino; Roe, Maggie; Phillips, Adrian; Priore, Riccardo; Gallà, Damiano; Terkenli, Theano S.; Camilleri, Alex; Colombini, Isabella; Chelazzi, Lorenzo; Boissevain, Jeremy; Makhzoumi, Jala; Morse, Stephen
1968Malta and a united Europe : some economic considerationsBusuttil, Salvino
1965Malta's economy in the nineteenth centuryBusuttil, Salvino
1965The Maltese economy during World War IIBusuttil, Salvino
1997The Mediterranean and human rights [editorial]Andò, Salvo; Busuttil, Salvino
1997Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights : volume 1 : number 1Andò, Salvo; Busuttil, Salvino
1965Morality and economic developmentBusuttil, Salvino
1971A note on cost-effectiveness approaches to development with particular reference to industrialization in MaltaBusuttil, Salvino
1990Our responsibilities towards future generationsBusuttil, Salvino; Agius, Emmanuel; Serracino Inglott, Peter; Macelli, Tony