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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Age-friendly cities in the Netherlands : an explorative study of facilitators and hindrances in the built environment and ageism in designvan Hoof, Joost; Dikken, Jeroen; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; van den Hoven, Rudy F. M.; Kroon, Esther; Marston, Hannah R.
2017Ageism in health care : a systematic review of operational definitions and inductive conceptualizationsSousa São José, José Manuel; Filipe Amado, Carla Alexandra; Ilinca, Stefania; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Taghizadeh Larsson, Annika
2017Ageism in health care : a systematic review of operational definitions and inductive conceptualizationsSousa Sao Jose, Jose Manuel; Filipe  Amado, Carla Alexandra; Ilinca, Stefania; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Taghizadeh Larsson, Annika
2012Benchmarking and performance management in health careButtigieg, Sandra C.
2017A blueprint to evaluate one healthRuegg, Simon R.; McMahon, Barry J.; Hasler, Barbara; Esposito, Roberto; Rosenbaum Nielsen, Liza; Ifejika Speranza, Chinwe; Ehlinger, Timothy; Peyre, Marisa; Aragrande, Maurizio; Zinsstag, Jakob; Davies, Philip; Mihalca, Andrei Daniel; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Rushton, Jonathan; Carmo, Luis P.; De Meneghl, Daniele; Canali, Massimo; Filippitzi, Maria E.; Goutard, Flavie Luce; Ilieski, Vlatko; Milicevic, Dragan; O'Shea, Helen; Radeski, Miroslav; Kock, Richard; Staines, Anthony; Lindberg, Ann
2015“Boundaryless hospital” through risk management approach : a case study of the Accident and Emergency Unit of a tertiary care hospital in MaltaButtigieg, Sandra C.; Dey, Parsanta K.; Gauci, Dorothy
2018Brucellosis control in Malta and Serbia : a one health evaluationButtigieg, Sandra C.; Savic, Sara; Cauchi, Daniel; Lautier, Elaine Claire; Canali, Massimo; Aragrande, Maurizio
2016Business process management in health care : current challenges and future prospectsButtigieg, Sandra C.; Prasanta, Dey; Gauci, Dorothy
2017Can hospital dashboards provide visibility of information from bedside to board? A case study approachPace, Adriana; Buttigieg, Sandra C.
2005A case study of teamwork in a Maltese geriatric hospitalButtigieg, Sandra C.
2013Causal explanations of psychological contract breach characteristicsCassar, Vincent; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Briner, Rob B.
2018Cold War legacy in public and private health spending in EuropeJakovljevic, Mihajlo Michael; Camilleri, Carl; Rancic, Nemanja; Grima, Simon; Jurisevic, Milena; Grech, Kenneth; Buttigieg, Sandra C.
2016Combined quality function deployment and logical framework approach to improve quality of emergency care in MaltaButtigieg, Sandra C.; Dey, Prasanta; Cassar, Mary Rose
2016Commentary : comparison of historical medical spending patterns among the BRICS and G7Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Grima, Simon; Camilleri, Carl
2017The conceptualization of value in the value proposition of new health technologiesButtigieg, Sandra C.; van Hoof, Joost
2016Continuous quality improvement in a Maltese hospital using logical framework analysisButtigieg, Sandra C.; Gauci, Dorothy; Dey, Prasanta
2019Corporate social responsibility and person-centered care : a scoping reviewButtigieg, Sandra C.; Tomaselli, Gianpaolo; Byers, Vivienne; Cassar, Maria; Tjerbo, Trond; Rosano, Aldo
2016Current challenges of ageing and ageism with a focus on healthcare and long-term careButtigieg, Sandra C.
2018Developing an agenda for future health services research in MaltaTomaselli, Gianpaolo; Azzopardi Muscat, Natasha; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Calleja, Neville; Grech, Kenneth
2005Diabetes in Malta : current findings and future trendsTownsend Rocchiccioli, Judith; O'Donoghue, Cynthia R.; Buttigieg, Sandra C.