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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The effect of survival motor neuron (smn)-gemins complex disruption on drosophila behaviour during early stages of developmentCacciottolo, Rebecca
2016Extracts from two ubiquitous Mediterranean plants ameliorate cellular and animal models of neurodegenerative proteinopathiesBriffa, Michelle; Ghio, Stephanie; Neuner, Johanna; Gauci, Alison J.; Cacciottolo, Rebecca; Marchal, Christelle; Cullin, Christophe; Vassallo, Neville; Cauchi, Ruben J.; Caruana Grech Perry, Mario
2023Loss of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis risk factor SCFD1 causes motor dysfunction in DrosophilaBorg, Rebecca; Purkiss, Angie; Cacciottolo, Rebecca; Herrera, Paul; Cauchi, Ruben J.
2017Novel interactors of the Drosophila Survival Motor Neuron (SMN) Complex suggest its full conservationLanfranco, Maia; Cacciottolo, Rebecca; Borg, Rebecca M.; Vassallo, Neville; Juge, François; Bordonné, Rémy; Cauchi, Ruben J.
2023Reduced levels of ALS gene DCTN1 induce motor defects in DrosophilaBorg, Rebecca; Herrera, Paul; Purkiss, Angie; Cacciottolo, Rebecca; Cauchi, Ruben J.
2019SMN complex member Gemin3 self-interacts and has a functional relationship with ALS-linked proteins TDP-43, FUS and Sod1Cacciottolo, Rebecca; Ciantar, Joanna; Lanfranco, Maia; Borg, Rebecca M.; Vassallo, Neville; Bordonné, Rémy; Cauchi, Ruben J.
2019Splicing defects of the profilin gene alter actin dynamics in an S. pombe SMN mutantAntoine, Marie; Patrick, Kristin L.; Soret, Johann; Duc, Pauline; Rage, Florence; Cacciottolo, Rebecca; Nissen, Kelly E.; Cauchi, Ruben J.; Krogan, Nevan J.; Guthrie, Christine; Gachet, Yannick; Bordonné, Rémy