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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Bildung and transformative learning theory : two peas in a pod?Buttigieg, Karen; Calleja, Colin
2022COVID-19 school closures turning a spotlight on inequities and other shortcomings from the voices of those in danger of falling through the cracksCalleja, Colin; Attard Tonna, Michelle; Busuttil, Leonard
2016Cultural encounters in multi-cultured societies : towards multicultural education? [Editorial]Calleja, Colin; Lev-Ari, Lilach
2005Differentiating instruction in the primary classroom : a whole school approach for achieving excellenceCalleja, Colin
2005-10DTMp : a comenius 2.1 project to produce a differentiated teaching module for primary school trainee teachersBartolo, Paul A.; Ale, Peter; Calleja, Colin; Humphrey, Neil; Janikova, Vera; Lous, Annemieke Mol; Vilkiene, Vida; Wetso, Gun Marie; Hofsass, Thomas
2017-12Editorial [Malta Review of Educational Research, 11(2)]Calleja, Colin; Callus, Anne-Marie; Gauci, Maria Victoria; Mercieca, Duncan P.
2010Education and ethnic minorities in MaltaCalleja, Colin; Grech, Michael; Cauchi, Bernard
2009Education, social capital and social inclusionCalleja, Colin; Attard Tonna, Michelle
2011Empowering women through ICT : strategies and methodology to recover women’s historical memory in rural areasCalleja, Colin; Prete, Annachiara del
2016Il profilo delle competenze nella percezione dei curricoli formativi delle professionalita educative di supporto : una prospettiva comparata tra Italia e MaltaBaschiera, Barbara; Calleja, Colin; Camilleri, Liberato; Tessaro, Fiorino; Tanti Burlo, Elena
2009Intercultural communication training respectful of learners’ characteristics : a pedagogical model for social promotion of intercultutral communication, expertise and skillsCalleja, Colin
2014Jack Mezirow's conceptualisation of adult transformative learning : a reviewCalleja, Colin
2019Language, culture, and instruction in the inclusive classroom : educators of migrants and refugees in MaltaAriza, Eileen; Calleja, Colin; Gauci, Phyllisienne
2015Let me learn and speaking the language of learningCalleja, Colin
2006Let me learn in-service training : a teacher’s experienceCalleja, Colin; Montebello, Maria
2010The Let Me Learn Process® : a robust theory with practical implicationsCalleja, Colin
2013The let me learn professional learning process for teacher transformationCalleja, Colin
2010The 'Let Me Learn' professional learning process experience : a new culture for professional learningAttard Tonna, Michelle; Calleja, Colin
2017-12Malta Review of Educational Research : volume 11 : issue 2Calleja, Colin; Callus, Anne-Marie; Gauci, Maria Victoria; Mercieca, Duncan
2017Mercy in the Maltese educational system : education practices to foster respect for diversity towards the migrant populationCalleja, Colin; Attard Tonna, Michelle; Galea, Simone; Grech, Michael; Pisani, Maria