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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013ADHD : from childhood into adulthoodCamilleri, Nigel; Makhoul, Samer
2017Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder across the lifespanCamilleri, Nigel; Saliba, Andrea; Calleja Stafrace, Nadine
2012Cannabis use and age of admission to a psychiatric unit for first episode of psychosisGrech, Anton; Camilleri, Nigel; Taylor-East, Rachel
2014-09A commentary on of the new mental health act for the Maltese IslandsZahra, Anthony; Camilleri, Nigel
2015Comparative study of the frequency of hypertension in a primary care setting in Buza, Tanzania and MaltaCamilleri, Nigel; Gatt, Daphne; Gauci, Dorothy; Calleja, Neville; Micallef Eynaud, Stephen
2016Incidence, characteristics and course of narrow phenotype paediatric bipolar I disorder in the British IslesSharma, Aditya; Neely, Jessica; Camilleri, Nigel; James, Anthony C.; Grunze, Heinz; Le Couteur, Ann
2017Innovations in practice : a case control and follow-up study of ‘hard to reach’ young people who suffered from multiple complex mental disordersCamilleri, Nigel; Newbury-Birch, Dorothy; McArdle, Paul; Stocken, Deborah D.; Thick, Tony; Le Couteur, Ann
2016Neuropsychological study of IQ scores in offspring of parents with bipolar I disorderSharma, Aditya; Camilleri, Nigel; Grunze, Heinz; Barron, Evelyn; Le Couteur, James; Close, Andrew; Rushton, Steven; Kelly, Thomas; Ferrier, Ian Nicol; Le Couteur, Ann
2014An overview of the new mental health act for the Maltese IslandsZahra, Anthony; Camilleri, Nigel
2012Pediatric Bipolar disorder, in Malta is it under-diagnosed?Cassar Parnis, Abigail; Camilleri, Nigel; Zahra, Anthony; Cassar, Joseph
2009Problems associated with the diagnosis and the prescribing of anti-psychotic medication in children and adolescents for psychiatric conditions, by non-psychiatric specialistsCamilleri, Nigel; Cassar Parnis, Abigail; Cassar, Joseph R.
2018Risk factors for adolescents developing substance use disorders; what should our prevention programs be targeting?Camilleri, Nigel; Saliba, Andrea
2010Socio-economic status and population density risk factors for psychosis : prospective incidence study in the Maltese IslandsCamilleri, Nigel; Grech, Anton; Taylor-East, Rachel
2019-12Socioeconomic status and its impact on the prevalence of severe ADHD in the Maltese IslandsRole, Christopher; Camilleri, Nigel; Taylor-East, Rachel; Calleja, Neville
2018User satisfaction of Children and Young People’s Service, MaltaSaliba, Andrea; Camilleri, Nigel