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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The acquisition of verbal tense and aspect in Maltese by adult migrants : implications for pedagogical grammarCamilleri Grima, Antoinette; Żammit, Jacqueline
2022Adopting pluralistic approaches when teaching an additional languageCamilleri Grima, Antoinette
2020Bil-kelma t-tajba : prinċipji u kreattivita’ fil-pedagoġija tal-lingwaCamilleri Grima, Antoinette
2016Bil-qatra l-qatra...Camilleri Grima, Antoinette
2002Bilingualism across the curriculum : an aim and a meansCamilleri Grima, Antoinette
1995Bilingualism in education : the Maltese experienceCamilleri Grima, Antoinette
2016Bilingualism in education in MaltaCamilleri Grima, Antoinette
2022Bridging the divide : partnership and migration. A multimodal project on partnership, art and educationMantellato, Mattia; Camilleri Grima, Antoinette
2013Challenging code-switching in MaltaCamilleri Grima, Antoinette
2013Codeswitching as a tool in teaching Italian in MaltaGauci, Hertian; Camilleri Grima, Antoinette
1991Crosslinguistic influence in a bilingual classroom : the example of Maltese and EnglishCamilleri Grima, Antoinette
2020Daborn, E., Zacharias, S., Crichton, H. (2020) : Subject Literacy in Culturally Diverse Secondary Schools [Book review]Camilleri Grima, Antoinette
2015Dialects, education and social change in Malta and GozoCamilleri Grima, Antoinette
1995Die bedeutung der soziolinguistik fur die spracherziehungCamilleri Grima, Antoinette
2019Differenzi soċjolingwistiċi bejn Malta u GħawdexCamilleri Grima, Antoinette
2009Diglossia : variation on a themeCamilleri Grima, Antoinette
2003“Do as I say, not as I do." Legitimate language in bilingual Malta!Camilleri Grima, Antoinette
2022-12Edina Krompák, Victor Fernández-Mallat, Stephen Meyer (Eds.) (2022) : Linguistic landscapes and educational spaces [book review]Camilleri Grima, Antoinette
2019-06Editorial : emerging researchers' enquiries into educational trajectories in Malta [Malta Review of Educational Research, 13(1)]Camilleri Grima, Antoinette
2022Empathizing with migrants : multimodality and partnership in teachers' professional developmentCamilleri Grima, Antoinette; Mantellato, Mattia