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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Anomia and deviant behaviour in marketing : some preliminary evidenceCaruana, Albert; Ramaseshan, Balasubramanian; Ewing, Michael T.
2001Anomia and fraudulent behavior by retail customers : a study among employeesCaruana, Albert; Ramaseshan, Balasubramanian; Ewing, Michael T.
1996Are Maltese firms market oriented, and does it matter?Caruana, Albert; Ferry, Moira
1995Are there excellent service firms, and do they perform well?Caruana, Albert; Pitt, Leyland F.; Morris, Michael H.
1999An assessment of the dimensions and the stability of items in the MARKOR scaleCaruana, Albert
2000Assessment of the three-column format SERVQUAL : an experimental approachCaruana, Albert; Ewing, Michael T.; Ramaseshan, Balasubramanian
1997The attitude towards advertising by medical practitioners and the general public : some evidence from MaltaCaruana, Albert; Carey, Claire
2003Children’s perception of their influence over purchases : the role of parental communication patternsCaruana, Albert; Vassallo, Rosella
2005CommentsFord, John; Stern, Barbara; Caruana, Albert
1999Communicating with the cohort : exploring generation Xasia's attitudes towards advertisingEwing, Michael T.; Caruana, Albert
1997Corporate reputation : concept and measurementCaruana, Albert
1999Corporate reputation and perceived risk in professional engineering servicesCaruana, Albert; Rinson Loy, Ernest; Ewing, Michael T.
2006Corporate reputation and shareholders' intentions : an attitudinal perspectiveCaruana, Albert; Cohen, Charlene; Krentler, Kathleen A.
2014Corporate sustainability in actionSebastiani, Roberta; Corsaro, Daniela; Montagnini, Francesca; Caruana, Albert
2002The dark side of globalization and liberalization : helplessness, alienation and ethnocentrism among small business owners and managersCaruana, Albert; Chircop, Saviour
2009Differentiation and silver medal winner effectsCaruana, Albert; Pitt, Leyland F.; Berthon, Pierre; Page, Michael
1993Diversification strategies for the service sectorBhat, Subodh S.; Bonnici, Joseph L.; Caruana, Albert
2010Do b2b bloggers believe blogs? PR insights on blogger skepticismvan Heerden, Gene; Salehi-Sangari, Esmail; Pitt, Leyland F.; Caruana, Albert
2014Do consumers of FMCGs seek brands with congruent personalities?Garsvaite, Kotryna; Caruana, Albert
1998Do universities that are more market orientated perform better?Caruana, Albert; Ramaseshan, Balasubramanian; Ewing, Michael T.