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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-12Advertising : the right to chooseCaruana, Albert
2017An alternative conceptualization of the self-reference criterion : an abstractMills, Adam; Caruana, Albert; Robson, Karen; Pitt, Leyland
2001Anomia and deviant behaviour in marketing : some preliminary evidenceCaruana, Albert; Ramaseshan, Balasubramanian; Ewing, Michael T.
2001Anomia and fraudulent behavior by retail customers : a study among employeesCaruana, Albert; Ramaseshan, Balasubramanian; Ewing, Michael T.
1998Anomia and fraudulent behavior by retail employeesCaruana, Albert; Ramaseshan, B.; Ewing, Michael T.
1998Anomie and academic misconductCaruana, Albert; Ramaseshan, Ram; Ewing, Michael T.
1996Are Maltese firms market oriented, and does it matter?Caruana, Albert; Ferry, Moira
1995Are there excellent service firms, and do they perform well?Caruana, Albert; Pitt, Leyland F.; Morris, Michael H.
1999An assessment of the dimensions and the stability of items in the MARKOR scaleCaruana, Albert
1996An assessment of the dimensions and the stability of items in the markor scaleCaruana, Albert; Pitt, Leyland F.; Money, Arthur H.
2000Assessment of the three-column format SERVQUAL : an experimental approachCaruana, Albert; Ewing, Michael T.; Ramaseshan, Balasubramanian
1997The attitude towards advertising by medical practitioners and the general public : some evidence from MaltaCaruana, Albert; Carey, Claire
2008An attitudinal measure of corporate reputationCaruana, Albert
2021Attracting international student applications to a university website : the role of story-based content and gender in improving stickinessCassar, Mario; Caruana, Albert
1994-11The brand manager systemCaruana, Albert
2006Brand personality : a basis for positioningCaruana, Albert
2007Branding and diversity : the role of brand personality in positioning business schoolsCaruana, Albert; Pitt, Leyland; Berthon, Pierre; Berthon, Jean-Paul
1996Changes in the marketing discipline : the challenges aheadCaruana, Albert
2003Children’s perception of their influence over purchases : the role of parental communication patternsCaruana, Albert; Vassallo, Rosella
2020Choosing among alternative new product development projects : the role of heuristicsWest, Douglas C.; Acar, Oguz A.; Caruana, Albert