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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Dietary polyphenols as novel protective agents against membrane damage in α-synucleinopathiesCaruana, Mario
2011Identification of polyphenolic compounds and black tea extract as potent inhibitors of lipid membrane destabilization by AB42 aggregatesGauci, Alison J.; Caruana, Mario; Giese, Armin; Scerri, Charles; Vassallo, Neville
1993-09-08Il-festa tal-Bambina fl-Isla fl-1943Caruana, Mario
2013Mitochondrial membrane permeabilisation by amyloid aggregates and protection by polyphenolsCamilleri, Angelique; Zarb, Claire; Caruana, Mario; Ostermeier, Ulrike; Ghio, Stephanie; Hogen, Tobias; Schmidt, Felix; Giese, Armin; Vassallo, Neville
2007Nutritional recommendations for people with diabetesCaruana, Mario
2012Polyphenolic compounds are novel protective agents against lipid membrane damage by alpha-synuclein aggregates in vitroCaruana, Mario; Neuner, Johanna; Hogen, Tobias; Schmidt, Felix; Famp, Frits; Scerri, Charles; Giese, Armin; Vassallo, Neville
2011The potential role of dietary polyphenols in Parkinson’s diseaseCaruana, Mario; Vassallo, Neville
2014Select polyphenols protect mitochondria against amyloid aggregates in Alzheimer and Parkinson diseasesCaruana, Mario; Vassallo, Neville
2015Tea Polyphenols in Parkinson's DiseaseCaruana, Mario; Vassallo, Neville
2012Two different binding modes of α-synuclein to lipid vesicles depending on its aggregation stateHögen, Tobias; Levin, Johannes; Schmidt, Felix; Caruana, Mario; Vassallo, Neville; Kretzschmar, Hans A.; Bötzel, Kai; Kamp, Frits; Giese, Armin