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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The beginnings of the Manoel Baroque festivalCaruana Dingli, Petra
2008Book review : The urban challengeCaruana Dingli, Petra
2014A Chief Secretary in Malta : Henry Lushington and the Italian questionCaruana Dingli, Petra; Lauri Lucente, Gloria; Vassallo, Peter
2008Coasts and conflicts [Book Review]Caruana Dingli, Petra
2014-11Confronting the challenge : Innovation in the regulation of broadcasting in MaltaCaruana Dingli, Petra; Vassallo, Clare
2020-11Creating a family patrimony : Villa Barbaro in TarxienCaruana Dingli, Petra
2018The 'culture of writing' in late sixteenth century Malta : Oliviero and Caterina Vasco's charitable deedCaruana Dingli, Petra
2001'Daughter of th' Italian heaven!' : Madame de Staël's Corinne in EnglandCaruana Dingli, Petra
2020-06Drawings and descriptions : Villa Belvedere in BallutaCaruana Dingli, Petra
2015-12The future of nature parks in Malta : innovation and managementCaruana Dingli, Petra; Galea, Martin
2018Introduction : visiting St Peter's MonasteryCaruana Dingli, Petra
2018Life in nineteenth-century Valletta : Maltese and British cross-currentsCaruana Dingli, Petra
2015Memories in verse : the travels of Ludwig von Anhalt-Koethen (1579-1650)Caruana Dingli, Petra
2018The Old Valletta Food MarketCaruana Dingli, Petra
2020-06-07Reflections, balance and enduranceCaruana Dingli, Petra
2015Rural life in a Maltese eighteenth-century village [Book Review : The Social and Religious History of a Maltese Parish: St Mary’s Qrendi in the Eighteenth Century]Caruana Dingli, Petra
2020-11Silver saved from the mint : Antonio Arrighi's 'Apostolato'Caruana Dingli, Petra
2021-05Three villas in the three villagesCaruana Dingli, Petra
2016Trends and transformation natural and cultural heritage in MaltaCaruana Dingli, Petra
2018The waterside of Valletta : Grand Masters, travellers and military menCaruana Dingli, Petra