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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19931564-1696 : the Inquisition index of Knights Hospitallers of the Order of St JohnCassar, Carmel
2017Autobiography of St. Ignatius [The Cambridge encyclopedia of the Jesuits]Cassar, Carmel
2004Between Africa and Europe : corsairing activities and the Order of St John in MaltaCassar, Carmel
2022[Book review] Origins of the witches’ sabbath, Michael D. BaileyCassar, Carmel
1994Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 45(1)]Zerafa, P.; Cassar, Carmel
2015The breakfast of today is the ‘war diet’ of yesterdayCarabott, Sarah; Cassar, Carmel
1986Budgeting in 17th century Malta : an insight into the administration of the Comun TesoroCutajar, Dominic; Cassar, Carmel
1998Clothes, status & class symbols & realityCassar, Carmel
2009Clothes, status and class in Malta under the Order of St JohnCassar, Carmel
2015The Collegium Melitense : a frontier mission in the interface between Christian and Muslim worldsCassar, Carmel
2002Concepts of health and illness in early modern MaltaCassar, Carmel
2000A concise history of MaltaCassar, Carmel
2009Corsairing activities, the Order of St John and MaltaCassar, Carmel
2005The cultural roots of Maltese identity. Christian myths and social memory in a Mediterranean frontier societyCassar, Carmel
2021Culture and the politics of fashion : dressing up in Early Modern MaltaCassar, Carmel
2002Daughters of Eve : women, gender roles, and the impact of the Council of Trent in Catholic MaltaCassar, Carmel
1998Divorce, Christianity and the transformation of the familyCassar, Carmel
2008Eating and fasting in medieval & early modern MaltaCassar, Carmel
2007Eating through time : the culture of food in the MediterraneanCassar, Carmel; Calleja, Anthony
2017Education in Hospitaller MaltaCassar, Carmel