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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013100 sena ilu : L-XXIV kungress ewkaristiku internazzjonali u l-Mosta 1913-2013Cassar, George
2017-10-06Active ageing in practice – seniors as interpreters and learners of cultural heritageCassar, George; Avellino, Marie
2011Analizi tal-innu ‘Lil Filarmonika ta’ San Giljan’Banda San Giljan A.D. 1927; Cassar, George
2008Appreciating fortified cities : an educational perspectiveCassar, George
2004Before the birth of real popular education in British Colonial Malta (1800-1836)Cassar, George
2018Big friends guggen musik : the guggen tradition in MaltaCassar, George
2017Branding a nation-state after half a century of independence : the case of MaltaAvellino, Marie; Cassar, George
2013The British coastal fortifications along Malta's south east coast : one potential source for cultural heritage tourismCassar, George
2020British colonial Malta : a melting pot of culinary diets (1800-1900)Buttigieg, Noel; Cassar, George
2019Buttons parade : military and civilian uniform buttons in Malta - 18th to 21st centuryCassar, George; Darmanin, Denis A.
2020Casal Musta under the Order's rule in the eighteenth century : the people and their administratorsCassar, George
2024The Church of Our Lady of Mercy il-QrendiCassar, George
2018A collective image of the Order of St John through Maltese history schoolbooksCassar, George
2017The compulsory attendance act and its immediate aftermath in Malta’s educational developmentCassar, George
2021The creative economy and sustainable tourism development – with a special focus on MaltaAvellino, Marie; Cassar, George
2019Cultural foodscapes of an island nationAvellino, Marie; Buttigieg, Noel; Cassar, George
2021Culture, heritage and tourism in small island states – some reflections on current realitiesCassar, George
2008Ċimiterji fil-MostaCassar, George
2014Defending a Mediterranean island outpost of the Spanish Empire : the case of MaltaCassar, George
2023Discovering il-Ħamrun : people, places, past & present : a visitor's bookCassar, George