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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Becoming community - a posthuman perspectiveCassar, Joanne
2009Being lesbian is no sin : religion, sexuality and education in the lives of female studentsCassar, Joanne
2020[Book review] Education, individualization and neoliberalism. Youth in Southern Europe by Valerie VisanichCassar, Joanne
2016Chapter 3 : YouthCassar, Joanne
2019The conceptualisation of leisure as an indicator and component of social wellbeingCassar, Joanne; Clark, Marilyn
2018A ‘diffractive’ exploration of inclusive school policy about trans, gender variant and intersex studentsCassar, Joanne
2019Ethical implications in teaching and learning about intimate partner violence and femicide preventionCassar, Joanne
2018Exploring spaces for ‘Love’ in sexuality education curricula across the European UnionCassar, Joanne
2021From sodomita to omosessuale : social and cultural transitioning in Franco Buffoni’s novel ZamelEllul, Manuel J.; Cassar, Joanne
2017Girls debating penises, orgasms, masturbation and pornographyCassar, Joanne
1994The Gozo prisons graffitiMuscat, Joseph; Cassar, Joanne
2021Homosexuality and the search for a GodEllul, Manuel J.; Cassar, Joanne
2013How can I lose my shyness…? The exploration of self-knowledge through peer mediated articulationsCassar, Joanne
2014Il-kontribut ta’ Il-Ħabib lill-poeżija Maltija fis-snin 1923 – 1928Cassar, Joanne
2018It's not vandalism, it's our leisure : a multimodal study of skate park graffitiCassar, Joanne; Cremona, George
2005It-tema tal-preistorja fil-klassi tal-letteratura MaltijaCassar, Joanne
2013Leisure trends among young people in MaltaClark, Marilyn; Cassar, Joanne
2011Living in different worlds and learning all about it : migration narratives in perspectiveCassar, Joanne
2010Milani - harsa 'l quddiem b' luraCassar, Joanne
1991Moral and theological aspects of peaceCassar, Joanne