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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20223Cs : the experiences of informal caregivers of patients undergoing thoracic surgeryVella Cremona, Renée; Cassar, Maria; Sharples, Catherine
2017-10-01Apap accused of treasonCassar, Maria
2013The artistic development of the holy water basin in the Maltese IslandsCassar, Maria
2021Comparison across 12 countries on knowledge, attitude, and behavior scores about medication errors in Intensive Care Units : an international studyGiannetta, N.; Dionisi, S.; Stievano, Alessandro; Eltaybani, S.; Abdelgawad, M. E.; Katigri, M. R.; Azadboni, T. T.; Lopez-Soto, P. J.; Morales-Cane, I.; Ali, I.; Urban, S.; Shrestha, S.; Christensen, M.; Voutilainen, A.; Vaajoki, A.; Hamdan, K.; Rubicini, G.; Rivera, J. Y.; Pizarro, G.; Liquori, G.; Cassar, Maria; Trapani, Josef; Rocco, G.; Orsi, G. B.; Di Simone, E.; Di Muzio, M.
2019Corporate social responsibility and person-centered care : a scoping reviewButtigieg, Sandra C.; Tomaselli, Gianpaolo; Byers, Vivienne; Cassar, Maria; Tjerbo, Trond; Rosano, Aldo
2015Dramatic improvisation and scripted text in the secondary school drama lessonCassar, Maria
2016-05Dual agency in critical care nursing : balancing responsibilities towards colleagues and patientsTrapani, Josef; Scholes, Julie; Cassar, Maria
2021-06Evaluation of online programmes : constructing the SEA-EU toolkitTrapani, Josef; Cassar, Maria; Tartari, Ermira; Montebello, Veronica; Grech, Adrienne; Attard, Stefan; Camilleri, Michelle
2017-10-15From prison to portraitureCassar, Maria
2018The integration of immigrant nurses at the workplace in Malta : a case studyButtigieg, Sandra C.; Agius, Kevin; Pace, Adriana; Cassar, Maria
2020Intended and actual outcomes of study abroad programs: nursing students' experiencesTrapani, Josef; Cassar, Maria
2021-06Interprofessional learning in an online programme : a SWOT analysisTrapani, Josef; Cassar, Maria; Tartari, Ermira; Montebello, Veronica; Grech, Adrienne; Camilleri, Michelle
2017-09-17A Maltese artist in Fascist ItalyCassar, Maria
2020Measuring knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of nurses in medication management : cross-cultural comparisons in Italy and MaltaGiannetta, N.; Dionisi, S.; Cassar, Maria; Trapani, Josef; Renzi, E.; Di Simone, E.; Di Muzio, M.
2020Musical theatre in schools : an analysis of best practicesCassar, Maria
2013De novo design of non-steroidal oestrogen receptor modulating molecules using maltanedienol as a lead moleculeCassar, Maria; Shoemake, Claire; Azzopardi, Lilian M.; Saliba, Charles; Gutierrez, Gilles
2020Person-centered care from a relational ethics perspective for the delivery of high quality and safe healthcare : a scoping reviewTomaselli, Gianpaolo; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Rosano, Aldo; Cassar, Maria; Grima, George
2014-07Problematic but possible : online teaching and learning in post-registration programmesCassar, Maria; Trapani, Josef
2016Reach-out education : using online teaching to reach out to qualified nurses in the clinical fieldCassar, Maria; Camilleri, Michelle; Trapani, Josef
n.d.Recollections (programme)Borg Cardona, Liz; Cassar, Maria; Cutajar, Chiaramaria