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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10-01Apap accused of treasonCassar, Maria
2013The artistic development of the holy water basin in the Maltese IslandsCassar, Maria
2019Corporate social responsibility and person-centered care : a scoping reviewButtigieg, Sandra C.; Tomaselli, Gianpaolo; Byers, Vivienne; Cassar, Maria; Tjerbo, Trond; Rosano, Aldo
2015Dramatic improvisation and scripted text in the secondary school drama lessonCassar, Maria
2016-05Dual agency in critical care nursing : balancing responsibilities towards colleagues and patientsTrapani, Josef; Scholes, Julie; Cassar, Maria
2017-10-15From prison to portraitureCassar, Maria
2018The integration of immigrant nurses at the workplace in Malta : a case studyButtigieg, Sandra C.; Agius, Kevin; Pace, Adriana; Cassar, Maria
2017-09-17A Maltese artist in Fascist ItalyCassar, Maria
2020Musical theatre in schools : an analysis of best practicesCassar, Maria
2013De novo design of non-steroidal oestrogen receptor modulating molecules using maltanedienol as a lead moleculeCassar, Maria; Shoemake, Claire; Azzopardi, Lilian M.; Saliba, Charles; Gutierrez, Gilles
2014-07Problematic but possible : online teaching and learning in post-registration programmesCassar, Maria; Trapani, Josef
n.d.Recollections (programme)Borg Cardona, Liz; Cassar, Maria; Cutajar, Chiaramaria
2016Reference points for the design and delivery of degree programmes in nursing - Middle East and North AfricaSaad Eswi, Abeer; Abou Abdo, Somaya; Rizk, Ursola; Aljeesh, Yousef; Basha, Sami; Al-Atiyyat, Nijmeh; Zarrad, Boubaker; Oweis, Arwa; Amarneh, Basil Hameed Mahmoud; Benhabyles Chaib, Badiaa; Lamlom, Sabah; Sammut, Roberta; Navarro, Maria; Cassar, Maria
2018Tuning educational structures in Europe : guidelines and reference points for the design and delivery of degree programmes in nursingKaunonen, Marja; Gobbi, Mary; Meier, Katharine; Ostergaard, Birte; Nielsen, Dorthe; Kollak, Ingrid; Hollos, Sandor; Dpmpjpe, Ann; Marchetti, Anna; Stievano, Alessandro; Demskyte, Jovita; Sammut, Roberta; Cassar, Maria; Kaaijk, Maarten, M.; Pajni, Manca; Paen, Ljubisa; Icart Isern, Teresa; Barribal, Louise; McCready, Ian
2017Willie Apap : a critical analysis of his oeuvre, with particular reference to the mature period : 1950 – 1970Cassar, Maria