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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Abstract and conference materials : 14th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies University of Malta Valletta 11-12 June 2015Bezzina, Frank; Cassar, Vincent
1999Can leader direction and employee participation co-exist? Investigating interaction effects between participation and favourable work-related attitudes among Maltese middle-managersCassar, Vincent
2013Causal explanations of psychological contract breach characteristicsCassar, Vincent; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Briner, Rob B.
2020Editorial : the changing local labour market and the changing HR professionalCassar, Vincent; Baldacchino, Godfrey; Azzopardi, Joseph G.
2017Evidence-based HRM through analytics : reducing the propensity of HRM to become a CinderellaCassar, Vincent; Bezzina, Frank
2017-10Evidence-based human resource management practices in three EU developing member states : can managers tell truth from fallacy?Bezzina, Frank; Cassar, Vincent; Tracz-Krupa, Katarzyna; Przytuła, Sylwia; Tipurić, Darko
2013An examination of the relationship between authentic leadership and psychological well-being and the mediating role of meaningfulness at workCassar, Vincent; Buttigieg, Sandra C.
2021Expectations towards international study visits : preliminary research findingsTracz-Krupa, Katarzyna; Bezzina, Frank; Cassar, Vincent; Przytuła, Sylwia; Bruska, Anna; Szymańska-Czaplak, Elżbieta
2013From words to action : visibility of management in supporting interdisciplinary team working in an acute rehabilitative geriatric hospitalButtigieg, Sandra C.; Cassar, Vincent; Scully, Judy W.
2017The implications of contextual realities on career development : the specific case of university research managers and administrators in small island statesCassar, Vincent; Bonnici, Christian
2018Influence of hospital leadership styles on patient safety indicatorsButtigieg, Sandra C.; Cassar, Vincent; Said, Emanuel; Grech, Elaine; Tomaselli, Gianpaolo
2000Influences of empowerment dimensions in an educational context : an empirical investigation amongst Maltese teachersCassar, Vincent; Debono, Emanuel
2000Influences of empowerment dimensions in an educational context : an empirical investigation amongst Maltese teachersCassar, Vincent; Debono, Manwel
2020Investigating the psychometric properties and assessment capabilities of the short version of the Health and Safety Executive’s Management Standards Indicator ToolCassar, Vincent; Bezzina, Frank; Buttigieg, Sandra C.
2007An investigation of the factors that influence migration among Maltese hospital medical doctors.Cassar, Vincent
2019Malta and its human resources : management and development perspectivesBaldacchino, Godfrey; Cassar, Vincent; Azzopardi, Joseph G.
2003Maltese secondary school heads in the makingBezzina, Christopher; Cassar, Vincent
2017Maltese steps towards integrative data : a lifetime targetCassar, Vincent
2015The matching of motivations to affordances among Maltese elected local government volunteers : implications for sustaining civil societyBezzina, Frank; Cassar, Vincent; Azzopardi, Joseph G.; McKiernan, Peter
2019The mediating role of burnout in the relationship between perceived patient-safe, friendly working environment and perceived unsafe performance in an obstetric unitButtigieg, Sandra C.; Azzopardi, Emanuela-Anna; Cassar, Vincent