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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Bell-ringing in Maltese history 1800-1870s : language, regulator and weaponChircop, John
2011Between neighbours and a colonial third party : pioneer migration of British colonial subjects to the North African coast, 1815-1870Chircop, John
2017[Book review] Epidemie, sanita e controllo dei confiniChircop, John
2001[Book review] The Malta Chamber of Commerce 1848-1979. An outline history of Maltese tradeChircop, John
2003Brokers, collectors, collaborators : mediating colonial modernization in Malta, 1870-1914Chircop, John
2015Colonial encounters : Maltese experiences of British rule, 1800-1970sChircop, John
2015Colonial encounters in multiple dimensions : collaboration, defiance and hybridity in the makingChircop, John
1992Contesting the past....oral history, folklore and other visionsChircop, John
2003Crisis and the social desire for historyChircop, John
2012Daħla [Pawlu Boffa : l-ewwel Prim Ministru Laburista]Chircop, John
2020Eloszo (Preface)Chircop, John
1997Evolution of a harbour infrastructure : from mercantile to naval controlChircop, John
2010Female vulnerabilites and coping strategies in the poor neighbourhoods of three colonial port districts : Corfu, Malta and Gibraltar, 1815-1870Chircop, John
2016Foreward [Waking the Dead. Nineteenth-century obituaries as a mirror of Maltese society (1815-1910)]Chircop, John
2016From permeable frontiers to strict border divisions. The geostrategic construction of the Mediterranean on the ruins of the ancient narrow seasChircop, John
2017From scattered outposts into a Global Imperial Network : A case study on how Mediterranean zones integrated in the global economic system during the nineteenth centuryChircop, John
2010From the pulse of social routine to the subversion of normality : the multiple use of bell tolling in two colonial sites : the Ionian islands and Malta 1800–1870sChircop, John
2011Gibraltar, labour resistance and social protestChircop, John
2010'Giusta la Benefica Intenzione del Re' : the Bourbon cowpox vaccination campaign in SicilyChircop, John
1992In search of enlightenment : Maltese working-class perceptions of emancipation through educationChircop, John