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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Corporate greed : its effect on customer satisfaction, corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation among bank customersCaruana, Albert; Vella, Joseph M.; Konietzny, Jirka; Chircop, Saviour
2019Corporate greed and its effect on customer satisfaction, corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation among customers : an abstractCaruana, Albert; Vella, Joseph M.; Konietzny, Jirka; Chircop, Saviour
2002The dark side of globalization and liberalization : helplessness, alienation and ethnocentrism among small business owners and managersCaruana, Albert; Chircop, Saviour
2002The effect of anomia on ethnocentric tendencies among owner/managers of small businesses : a study from two island microstatesCaruana, Albert; Chircop, Saviour; Phua, Willie
2007Maltese perceptions of the United KingdomBrockdorff, Noellie; Caruana, Albert; Chircop, Saviour
2000Measuring corporate reputation : a case exampleCaruana, Albert; Chircop, Saviour
2009Perspective-taking : a critical aspect of market orientationCaruana, Albert; Chircop, Saviour; Brockdorff, Noellie
2020Perspective-taking and cooperation in customer-supplier relationshipsCaruana, Albert; Chircop, Saviour; Konietzny, Jirka
1979The religious re-integration of returned migrantsChircop, Saviour
2009The role of perspective-talking in the understanding of cooperation and relationship marketingCaruana, Albert; Brockdorff, Noellie; Chircop, Saviour; Camilleri, Liberato
2015Theoretical and practical considerations for online privacy research : CONSENT as a case-studyNoellie, Brockdorff; Camilleri, Liberato; Montalto, Marco; Caruana, Albert; Chircop, Saviour; Mifsud Bonnici, Jeanne