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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-28Church-state relations in late-eighteenth-century Malta: Gio. Nicolo Muscat (1735-1803)Ciappara, Frans
2015Fort Manoel : the design and construction of an 18th-century Hospitaller fort [book review]Ciappara, Frans
1976The landed property of the Inquisition in Malta in the late XVIII centuryCiappara, Frans
1978Lay healers and sorcerers in Malta (1770-1798)Ciappara, Frans
2011Lectures 17 : program 10 : conversion narratives in the Roman Inquisition 1650-1700Malta Historical Society; Ciappara, Frans
2012Lectures 19 : program 11 : historical and fictional narratives of slaves in North Africa and MaltaDepartment of Maltese, University of Malta; Wettinger, Godfrey; Ciappara, Frans; Galea, Marco; Matar, Nabil
2008Malta, Napoli e la Santa Sede nella seconda meta del '700Ciappara, Frans
1989Mikiel Anton Vassalli- a preliminary surveyCiappara, Frans
1985Non gode l'immunita ecclesiasticaCiappara, Frans
2015Seracini fil-Qorti tal-InkwizizzjoniCiappara, Frans
2015The social and religious history of a Maltese Parish : St Mary's Qrendi in the eighteenth century [book review]Ciappara, Frans
1998Society and the Inquisition in Malta, 1743-1798Ciappara, Frans
2010De Soldanis and the Maltese pre-EnlightenmentCiappara, Frans
2009Strategies for the afterlife in eighteenth-century MaltaCiappara, Frans
2017Vassalli and educationCiappara, Frans
1991Vassalli's step-father in prisonCiappara, Frans
1993Vassalli's Step-father in Prison - Vassalli Wins a Prize for Arabic - Vassalli's Sacred Patrimony - Vassalli Studies for the Priesthood - Vassalli in the Correspondence of Inquisitor CarpegnaCiappara, Frans