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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Archaeology via underwater robots : mapping and localization within Maltese cistern systemsClark, Christopher M.; Olstad, Christopher S.; Buhagiar, Keith; Gambin, Timmy
2009The Malta cistern mapping project : expedition IIClark, Christopher M.; Hiranandani, D.; White, C.; Boardman, M.; Schlachtman, M.; Phillips, P.; Kuehn, J.; Gambin, Timmy; Buhagiar, Keith
2010The Malta cistern mapping project : underwater robot mapping and localization within ancient tunnel systemsWhite, Cory; Hiranandani, Daniel; Olstad, Christopher S.; Buhagiar, Keith; Gambin, Timmy; Clark, Christopher M.
2012Mapping and visualizing ancient water storage systems with an ROV - an approach based on fusing stationary scans within a particle filterMcVicker, William; Forrester, Jeffrey; Gambin, Timmy; Lehr, Jane; Wood, Zoe J.; Clark, Christopher M.
2014Surface reconstruction of ancient water storage systems an approach for sparse 3D sonar scans and fused stereo imagesNelson, Erik A.; Dunn, Ian T.; Forrester, Jeffrey; Gambin, Timmy; Clark, Christopher M.; Wood, Zoe J.
2011Surface reconstruction of Maltese cisterns using ROV sonar data for archeological studyForney, Christina; Forrester, Jeffrey; Bagley, Brig; McVicker, William; White, Joe; Smith, Tyler; Batryn, Jennifer; Gonzalez, Andy; Lehr, Jane; Gambin, Timmy; Clark, Christopher M.; Wood, Zoe J.
2009Underwater robots with sonar and smart tether for underground cistern mapping and explorationHiranandani, Daniel; White, Cory; Clark, Christopher M.; Gambin, Timmy; Buhagiar, Keith