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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The audacity of hope : locating Kushner's political vision in Angels in AmericaCorby, James
2017B,C,DCallus, Ivan; Corby, James
2012Blake, Yeats, Larkin : nihilism and the indifferent consolation of Post-RomanticismCorby, James
2015The contemporary quarrel between performance and literature : reflections on performance (and) philosophyCorby, James
2020CounterText : on its own termsCorby, James; Callus, Ivan
2020The CounterText interview : David Shields. Ten years of reality hungerShields, David; Callus, Ivan; Corby, James
2018The CounterText interview : J. Hillis MillerMiller, J. Hillis; Callus, Ivan; Corby, James
2020The CounterText interview : John KinsellaKinsella, John; Callus, Ivan; Corby, James
2017The CounterText interview : Patrick McGuinnessMcGuinness, Patrick; Corby, James
2020The CounterText interview : Rod MenghamMengham, Rod; Callus, Ivan; Corby, James
2021The CounterText interview : Salman RushdieRushdie, Salman; Corby, James; Calleja Portelli, Sandy; Caruana, Christine; Galea, Ambrose; Micallef, Luke
2016-03The CounterText interview : Simon CritchleyCritchley, Simon; Corby, James
2015The CounterText interview : Tom McCarthyMcCarthy, Tom; Corby, James; Callus, Ivan
2017The CounterText review : Ben Lerner's The hatred of poetryCorby, James
2018The CounterText review : post-truth and the post-literaryCorby, James
2017Critical distanceCorby, James
2012Critical indifference in the aesthetics and politics of Simon CritchleyCorby, James
2007‘Death-in-life and life-in-death’ : Yeats’s RomanticismCorby, James
2011Domestic spaces in unhomely places : Oikos and ethics in McCarthy’s the RoadCorby, James
2015E. M. Forster : muddling through ItalyCorby, James