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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The amateur theatre in MaltaCremona, Vicki Ann; Galea, Marco
2015Anthony Neilson’s stitching and the high moral ground : a case study from MaltaCremona, Vicki Ann
2011Bali and beyond : Eugenio Barba's Ur-HamletCremona, Vicki Ann
2013The ‘Borsa’, a social meeting place with cultural aspirationsCremona, Vicki Ann
2003Brecht and MarxismCremona, Vicki Ann
2018Carnival & power : play & politics in a Crown ColonyCremona, Vicki Ann
2004Carnival as a theatrical eventCremona, Vicki Ann
1995Carnival in Gozo : waning traditions and thriving celebrationsCremona, Vicki Ann
2016Costume in carnival : social performance, rank and statusCremona, Vicki Ann
1995The court jester : from cobbles to boardsCremona, Vicki Ann
1997Creating community theatreCremona, Vicki Ann
2017Drawing back the curtains on the actor’s ‘private place’ : a personal journey into ISTA 2016Cremona, Vicki Ann
2022Empowering civil society : the theatricality of protest in MaltaCremona, Vicki Ann
2010Eurasian theatre : drama and performance between east and west from classical antiquity to the presentCremona, Vicki Ann
1994-01-31Filled questionnaire to Vicki Ann CremonaAteatru; Cremona, Vicki Ann; Gatt, Guze
1992From Arlecchino to Harlequin : Italian actors on the English stageCremona, Vicki Ann
1999Il teatro come processo trasformativoCremona, Vicki Ann
2015-03-20In any case (Theater program)Cremona, Vicki Ann; University of Malta; School of Performing Arts
1998Introduction [Journal of Mediterranean Studies]Cremona, Vicki Ann
2004Introduction to part one : in search of the theatrical eventCremona, Vicki Ann