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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201768 Gallium–prostate-specific membrane antigen PET/computed tomography for primary and secondary staging in prostate cancerChaloupka, Michael; Herlemann, Annika; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Cyran, Clemens C.; Ilhan, Harun; Gratzke, Christian; Stief, Christian G.
2023Accuracy, hemorrhagic complications and CT radiation dose of emergency external ventricular drain (EVD) placement in pediatric patients : a 15-year retrospective analysisStahl, Robert; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Forbrig, Robert; Liebig, Thomas; Katzendobler, Sophie; Weller, Jonathan; Trumm, Christoph G.
2011Acoustic radiation force impulse imaging of the testes : a preliminary experienceD'Anastasi, Melvin; Schneevoigt, B. S.; Trottmann, M.; Crispin, A.; Stief, C.; Reiser, M. F.; Clevert, D. A.
2022Attitudes and perceptions of radiologists towards online (virtual) oncologic multidisciplinary team meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic - a survey of the European Society of Oncologic Imaging (ESOI)Bonanno, Nathania; Cioni, Dania; Caruso, Damiano; Cyran, Clemens C.; Dinkel, Julien; Fournier, Laure; Gourtsoyianni, Sofia; Hoffmann, Ralf-Thorsten; Laghi, Andrea; Martincich, Laura; Mayerhoefer, Marius E.; Zamboni, Giulia A.; Sala, Evis; Schlemmer, Heinz-Peter; Neri, Emanuele; D'Anastasi, Melvin
2016Automatic liver and lesion segmentation in CT using cascaded fully convolutional neural networks and 3D conditional random fieldsChrist, Patrick Ferdinand; Elshaer, Mohamed Ezzeldin A.; Ettlinger, Florian; Tatavarty, Sunil; Bickel, Marc; Bilic, Patrick; Rempfler, Markus; Armbruster, Marco; Hofmann, Felix; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Sommer, Wieland H.; Ahmadi, Seyed-Ahmad; Menze, Bjoern H.
2011Bildfusion und moderne sonographische untersuchungsstrategien der niereClevert, D. A.; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Helck, A.; Staehler, M.; Reiser, M.
2015Bivalirudin vs heparin in patients who undergo transcatheter aortic valve implantationLange, Philipp; Greif, Martin; Bongiovanni, Dario; Thaumann, Antonia; Näbauer, Michael; Bischoff, Bernhard; Helbig, Susanne; Becker, Christoph; Schmitz, Christoph; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Mehilli, Julinda; Boekstegers, Peter; Massberg, Steffen; Kupatt, Christian
2015Characterization of splenogonadal fusion by contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) and elastographyTrottmann, M.; Marcon, J.; Mai, V.; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Becker, M.; Stief, C.; Reiser, M.; Clevert, D. A.
2013Classification of endoleaks in the follow-up after EVAR using the time-to-peak of the contrast agent in CEUS examinationsClevert, D. A.; Gurtler, V. M.; Meimarakis, G.; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Weidenhagen, R.; Reiser, M. F.; Becker, C. R.
2017Clinical usage of different guidelines in routine management, therapy and follow-up of patients with renal cell cancer in GermanySpek, A.; Szabados, B.; Ziegelmüller, B.; Stief, C.; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Staehler, M.
2014Comparison of manual and semi-automatic measuring techniques in MSCT scans of patients with lymphoma : a multicentre studyHöink, A. J.; Weßling, J.; Koch, R.; Schülke, C.; Kohlhase, N.; Wassenaar, L.; Mesters, R. M.; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Fabel, M.; Wulff, A.; Pinto dos Santos, D.; Kießling, A.; Graser, A.; Dicken, V.; Karpitschka, M.; Bornemann, L.; Heindel, W.; Buerke, B.
2013Contrast-enhanced ultrasound and microcirculation : efficiency through dynamics – current developmentsClevert, D. A.; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Jung, E. M.
2011Correlation between vacuum phenomenon on CT and fluid on MRI in degenerative disksD'Anastasi, Melvin; Birkenmaier, Christof; Schmidt, Gerwin P.; Wegener, Bernd; Reiser, Maximilian F.; Baur-Melnyk, Andrea
2018CT attenuation of liver metastases before targeted therapy is a prognostic factor of overall survival in colorectal cancer patients. Results from the randomised, open-label FIRE-3/AIO KRK0306 trialFroelich, Matthias F.; Heinemann, Volker; Sommer, Wieland H.; Holch, Julian W.; Schoeppe, Franziska; Hesse, Nina; Baumann, Alena B.; Kunz, Wolfgang G.; Reiser, Maximilian F.; Ricke, Jens; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Stintzing, Sebastian; Modest, Dominik P.; Kazmierczak, Philipp M.; Hofmann, Felix O.
2020CT fluoroscopy-guided drain placement to treat infected gastric leakage after sleeve gastrectomy : technical and clinical outcome of 31 proceduresSchwarz, Jens; Strobl, Frederik Franz; Paprottka, Philipp M.; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Spelsberg, Fritz W.; Rentsch, Markus; Reiser, Maximilian; Trumm, Christoph Gregor
2013CT stress perfusion imaging for detection of haemodynamically relevant coronary stenosis as defined by FFRGreif, Martin; von Ziegler, Franz; Bamberg, Fabian; Tittus, Janine; Schwarz, Florian; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Marcus, Roy P.; Schenzle, Jan; Becker, Christoph; Nikolaou, Konstantin; Becker, Alexander
2022CTContour : an open-source Python pipeline for automatic contouring and calculation of mean SSDE along the abdomino-pelvic region for CT images; validation on fifteen systemsPace, Eric; Caruana, Carmel; Bosmans, Hilde; Cortis, Kelvin; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Valentino, Gianluca
2017Das primäre prostatasarkom – ein seltenes malignomHerlemann, A.; Horst, D.; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Kretschmer, A.; Stief, C. G.; Gratzke, C.
2017Das Zinner-Syndrom – eine seltene benigne ursache von rezidivierenden leistenschmerzen bei jungen männernNörenberg, Dominik; Straub, Julia; D'Anastasi, Melvin
2012Determination of pericardial adipose tissue increases the prognostic accuracy of coronary artery calcification for future cardiovascular eventsGreif, Martin; Leber, Alexander Wolfgang; Saam, Tobias; Uebleis, Christopher; Ziegler, Franz von; Rümmler, Janine; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Arias-Herrera, Vivian; Becker, Christoph; Steinbeck, Gerhard; Hacker, Marcus; Becker, Alexander