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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Cleaning of oil-on-stone wall paintings : lessons learned from easel painting conservationPorter, Jennifer; Pasian, Chiara; De Angelis, Roberta; Debono, Nathalie
2018-12Conserving brushstrokesBonnici, Laura; Cassar, JoAnn; Porter, Jennifer; Pasian, Chiara; De Angelis, Roberta
2005Degrado e problematiche conservative di un dipinto ad olio su pietra a MaltaDe Angelis, Roberta; Cassar, JoAnn; Kakoulli, Ioanna
2012The EUROMED 4 project ELAICH: e-Tools for a teaching environment on EU Mediterranean cultural heritageLobovikov-Katz, Anna; Konstanti, Agoritsa; Labropoulos, Kyriakos; Moropoulou, Antonia; Cassar, JoAnn; De Angelis, Roberta; Ioannides, Marinos; Fritsch, Dieter; Leissner, Johanna; Davies, Rob; Remondino, Fabio; Caffo, Rossella
2013Il coinvolgimento dei giovani nella cultura e nella valorizzazione dei siti archeologici: Proposta di un metodo innovativoIzzo, Francesca Caterina; Biscontin, Guido; Zendri, Elisabetta; Balliana, Eleonora; Falchi, Laura; Moropoulou, Antonia; Kostanti, Agoritsa; Cassar, JoAnn; De Angelis, Roberta
2022Not just simple water drips : the case of an early 1900s oil painting on stoneDebono, Nathalie; De Angelis, Roberta; Izzo, Francesca Caterina
2004Oil painting on stone : a case study on original technique and deterioration of an early 20th century painting by Giuseppe Calì in MaltaDe Angelis, Roberta; Cassar, JoAnn; Kakoulli, Ioanna; Colombini, M. P.
2004A study on the deterioration and conservation of wall paintings on globigerina limestone : the mural paintings by G. Cali at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Cospicua, MaltaDe Angelis, Roberta
2014Tangible versus intangible in e-learning on cultural heritage: from online learning to on-site study of historic sitesLobovikov-Katz, Anna; Moropoulou, Antonia; Konstanti, Agoritsa; Van Grieken, Rene; Worth, Susannah; Cassar, JoAnn; De Angelis, Roberta; Biscontin, Guido; Izzo, Francesca Caterina; Calderon, Pilar Ortiz; Ioannides, Marinos; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia; Fink, Eleanor; Žarnić, Roko; Yen, Alex-Yianing; Quak, Ewald
2019Time-gated photoluminescence microscopy as an emerging method for the study of paint cross-sectionsArtesani, Alessia; De Angelis, Roberta; Nevin, Austin; Valentini, Gianluca; Comelli, Daniela
2009Tracing the history of wall paintings through visual documents : the vault painting of the main hall at Verdala Palace, MaltaFardi, Theodora; De Angelis, Roberta; Scicluna, Bernadine; Vella, Daniel A.
2011The Żejtun Roman Villa conservation projectAnastasi, Maxine; Bonanno, Anthony; Cassar, JoAnn; De Angelis, Roberta; Vella, Nicholas C.
2012The Żejtun Roman Villa: conservation issuesCassar, JoAnn; De Angelis, Roberta; Abela, Ruben