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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Ab initio personality testing for pilots : the Maltese contextDe Giovanni, Katya
2024Accuracy of information given by ChatGPT for patients with inflammatory bowel disease in relation to ECCO GuidelinesSciberras, Martina; Farrugia, Yvette; Gordon, Hannah; Furfaro, Federica; Allocca, Mariangela; Torres, Joana; Arebi, Naila; Fiorino, Gionata; Iacucci, Marietta; Verstockt, Bram; Magro, Fernando; Katsanos, Kostas; Busuttil, Josef; De Giovanni, Katya; Fenech, Valerie Anne; Chetcuti Zammit, Stefania; Ellul, Pierre
2022Are psychosocial interventions effective in minimising harm caused to ‘affected others’ of problem gambling? A Systematic ReviewDe Giovanni, Katya
2022Attitude polarization and closed-mindedness : the immigration issue in Malta from 2010 to 2020Sammut, Gordon; Buhagiar, Luke Joseph; Mifsud, Rebekah; De Giovanni, Katya; Brockdorff, Noellie
2016Chapter 2 : ChildhoodDe Giovanni, Katya
2023Client perceptions of the use of unmanned aircraft in middle mile transportationDe Giovanni, Katya
2020Community engagment and organisational psychology : friends in needDe Giovanni, Katya
2023The efficacy of psychosocial interventions in minimising the harm caused to affected others of problem gambling : a systematic review and meta-analysisVassallo, Matthew; De Giovanni, Katya; Montgomery, Paul
2016Familialistic countries need a family-inclusive service when caring for people with mental health problems – the case of MaltaAbela, Angela; Farrugia, Ruth; Vella, Anna Maria; De Giovanni, Katya
2018Fit to fly ; an investigation of aeronautical decision making for pilotsAbela, Maria; De Giovanni, Katya
2016Gender differences in attitudes towards the interconnection of family life and workGialanze, Elaine; De Giovanni, Katya
2007Il sistema di istruzione e formazione professionale iniziale a Malta (IVET) : una panoramicaDe Giovanni, Katya
2018The impact of technostress on personal well-being : an analysis of individual and group differencesDe Giovanni, Katya; Catania, Gottfried
2015-12The influence of personality traits on the wellbeing of Maltese university studies: a quantitative studyCauchi, Charlot; De Giovanni, Katya
2011-04The life-course transitions of young women in a Maltese contextSpiteri, Damian; De Giovanni, Katya
2016The perspective of Gozitan teachers on factors affecting students' achievementXuereb, Lorna; De Giovanni, Katya
2022Preparing our students to leap : learning from the experiences of Maltese female adolescents in their transition to further educationDe Giovanni, Katya
2016Preparing to leap : learning from the experiences of Maltese female adolescents in their preparation for transition to Further Education and/or workDe Giovanni, Katya
2024A psychologist and academic in politicsDe Giovanni, Katya
2014Psychosocial risk factors influencing undergraduate pharmacy and medical students at the University of MaltaBlundell, Renald; De Giovanni, Katya