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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Appunti sull' architettura religiosa a Malta in eta BaroccaDe Lucca, Denis; Procida, Elisabetta
1990The built environment in Gozo : a historical reviewDe Lucca, Denis
2017A Byzantine relic in a Baroque palace : the church of Our Saviour in the Bonajuto Palace in CataniaDe Lucca, Denis
2013The city-fortress of Valletta in the Baroque ageDe Lucca, Denis
2013The dissemination of Jesuit military mathematics from the Collegio Romano to the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, 1600-1750De Lucca, Denis
-Domestic structures in prehistoric MaltaDe Lucca, Denis
2011Ephemeral manifestations in Baroque MaltaDe Lucca, Denis
1980French military engineers in Malta during the 17th and 18th centuriesDe Lucca, Denis
2019-01-06Il-bini barokk f'pajjiżnaSpiteri, Charles B.; De Lucca, Denis
1994Il-Knisja Parrokjali ta' Ħal GħargħurDe Lucca, Denis
2000Introducing the newsletterUniversity of Malta. International Institute for Baroque Studies; De Lucca, Denis
1985Islamic architectural manifestations in eighteenth century MdinaDe Lucca, Denis
2016Malta – the splendour of its Baroque architectureDe Lucca, Denis
1975The Maltese 'perit' in historyDe Lucca, Denis
2017Mattia Preti : architetto della Sacra Religione di MaltaDe Lucca, Denis
2001Paolo Portoghesi at the Italian Cultural InstituteDe Lucca, Denis
2014Spettacoli festivi e manifestazioni effimere nella Valletta Barocca, 1566-1798De Lucca, Denis
2017-03That amazing Baroque worldDe Lucca, Denis
2015Una cena barocca - a dining experience of the Baroque ageDe Lucca, Denis