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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-08An accurate and robust gender identification algorithmDeMarco, Andrea; Cox, Stephen J.
2015Acoustic approaches to gender and accent identificationDeMarco, Andrea
2021The aperture array verification system 1 : system overview and early commissioning resultsBenthem, P.; Wayth, R.; De Lera Acedo, E.; Zarb Adami, Kristian; Alderighi, M.; Belli, C.; Bolli, P.; Booler, T.; Borg, Josef; Broderick, J. W.; Chiello, R.; Chiarucci, S.; Ciani, L.; Comoretto, G.; Crosse, B.; Davidson, D.; DeMarco, Andrea; Emrich, D.; Es, A. van; Fierro, D.; Faulkner, A.; Gerbers, M.; Razavi-Ghods, N.; Hall, P.; Horseley, L.; Juswardy, B.; Kenney, D.; Steele, K.; Magro, Alessio; Mattana, A.; McKinley, B.; Monari, J.; Naldi, G.; Nanni, J.; Di Ninni, Paola; Paonessa, F.; Perini, F.; Poloni, M.; Pupillo, G.; Rusticelli, S.; Schiaffino, M.; Schillirò, F.; Schnetler, H.; Singuaroli, R.; Sokolowski, M.; Sutinjo, A.; Tartarini, G.; Ung, D.; Bij de Vaate, J. G.; Virone, G.; Walker, M.; Waterson, M.; Wijnholds, S. J.; Williams, A.
2020Application of artificial neural networks for accurate determination of the complex permittivity of biological tissueBonello, Julian; DeMarco, Andrea; Farhat, Iman Omar; Farrugia, Lourdes; Sammut, Charles V.
2021A comparative study of convolutional neural networks for the detection of strong gravitational lensingMagro, Daniel; Adami, Kristian; DeMarco, Andrea; Riggi, Simone; Sciacca, Eva
2021-11-15Data augmentation for speech recognition in Maltese : a low-resource perspectiveMena, Carlos; DeMarco, Andrea; Borg, Claudia; van der Plas, Lonneke; Gatt, Albert
2018Development of a new digital signal processing platform for the Square Kilometre ArrayNaldi, G.; Comoretto, G.; Chiello, R.; Pastore, S.; Pupillo, G.; Mattana, A.; Melis, A.; Concu, R.; Alderighi, M.; Aminaei, A.; Baker, J.; Belli, C.; Chiarucci, S.; D’Angelo, S.; Dalle Mura, G.; DeMarco, Andrea; Halsall, R.; Magro, Alessio; Monari, J.; Navarrini, A.; Perini, F.; Poloni, M.; Roberts, M.; Rusticelli, S.; Schiaffino, M.; Schillirò, F.; Zaccaro, E.; Zarb Adami, Kristian
2017The digital signal processing platform for the low frequency aperture array : preliminary results on the data acquisition unitNaldi, Giovanni; Mattana, Andrea; Pastore, Sandro; Alderighi, Monica; Zarb Adami, Kristian; Schillirò, Francesco; Aminaei, Amin; Baker, Jeremy; Belli, Carolina; Comoretto, Gianni; Chiarucci, Simone; Chiello, Riccardo; D'Angelo, Sergio; Dalle Mura, Gabriele; DeMarco, Andrea; Halsall, Rob; Magro, Alessio; Monari, Jader; Roberts, Matt; Perini, Federico; Poloni, Marco; Pupillo, Giuseppe; Rusticelli, Simone; Schiaffino, Marco; Zaccaro, Emanuele
2019A high-performance, flexible data acquisition library for radio instrumentsMagro, Alessio; Bugeja, Keith; Chiello, Riccardo; DeMarco, Andrea
2014-06Interpreting chatterDeMarco, Andrea
2012Iterative classification of regional British accents in i-vector spaceDeMarco, Andrea; Cox, Stephen
2017The low frequency receivers for SKA 1-low : design and verificationBenthem, Pieter; Gerbers, Marchel; Bij de Vaate, Jan Geralt; Wijnholds, Stefan; Bast, Jeanette; Booler, Tom; Colgate, Tim; Crosse, Brian; Emrich, David; Hall, Peter; Juswardy, Budi; Kenney, David; Schlagenhaufer, Franz; Sokolowski, Marcin; Sutinjo, Adrian; Ung, Daniel; Wayth, Randall; Williams, Andrew; Alderighi, Monica; Bolli, Pietro; Comoretto, Gianni; Mattana, Andrea; Monari, Jader; Naldi, Giovanni; Perini, Frederico; Pupillo, Giuseppe; Rusticelli, Simone; Schiaffino, Marco; Schilliro, Francesco; Aminei, Amin; Chiello, Riccardo; Jones, Mike; Baker, Jeremy; Bennett, Richard; Halsall, Rob; Kaligeridou, Georgina; Roberts, Matthew; Schnetler, Hermine; Abraham, Jens; De Lera Acedo, Eloy; Faulkner, Andrew; Razavi-Ghods, Nima; Cutajar, Denis; DeMarco, Andrea; Magro, Alessio; Zarb Adami, Kristian
2020-05MASRI-HEADSET : a Maltese corpus for speech recognitionMena, Carlos; Gatt, Albert; DeMarco, Andrea; Borg, Claudia; Van der Plas, Lonneke; Muscat, Amanda; Padovani, Ian
2017-01A monitoring and control prototype for the SKA low frequency aperture arrayMagro, Alessio; DeMarco, Andrea; Zarb Adami, Kristian; Cutajar, Denis; Borg, Josef
2013Native accent classification via i-vectors and speaker compensation fusionDeMarco, Andrea; Cox, Stephen J.
2017The signal processing firmware for the low frequency aperture arrayComoretto, Gianni; Chiello, Riccardo; Roberts, Matt; Halsall, Rob; Zarb Adami, Kristian; Alderighi, Monica; Aminaei, Amin; Baker, Jeremy; Belli, Carolina; Chiarucci, Simone; D’Angelo, Sergio; DeMarco, Andrea; Dalle Mura, Gabriele; Magro, Alessio; Mattana, Andrea; Monari, Jader; Naldi, Giovanni; Pastore, Sandro; Perini, Federico; Poloni, Marco; Pupillo, Giuseppe; Rusticelli, Simone; Schiaffino, Marco; Schilliro, Francesco; Zaccaro, Emanuele
2017-10The SKA telescope control system guidelines and architecturePivetta, Lorenzo; DeMarco, Andrea; Riggi, Simone; Van den Heever, Lize; Vrcic, Sonja
2017-05A software infrastructure for firmware-software interaction : the case of TPMsMagro, Alessio; Chiello, Riccardo; Albanese, Cristian; Baker, Jeremy; Comoretto, Gianni; DeMarco, Andrea; Gravina, Alessio; Halsall, Rob; Roberts, Matthew; Zarb Adami, Kristian
2014-09Unsupervised model selection for recognition of regional accented speechNajafian, Maryam; DeMarco, Andrea; Cox, Stephen; Russell, Martin
2010VoxSecure 2: an engine for perception-based speaker identificationDeMarco, Andrea