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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Activating job-seekers through start-up incentivesDebono, Manwel
2015-06Ah hoc request - country fiches on skills governance in the member states - MaltaDebono, Manwel
2018-09An analysis of trade union membership in MaltaDebono, Manwel
2019-09An analysis of working conditions of Filipinos in MaltaDebono, Manwel; Vassallo, Mario Thomas
2009-03Anticipating Malta’s labour market and skills requirementsDebono, Manwel
2007-05Article on undeclared work from SYSDEM correspondent - MaltaDebono, Manwel; Farrugia, Christine
2015Attitudes about remarriage in MaltaAbela, Angela; Casha, Claire; Debono, Manwel; Lauri, Mary Anne
2017-01-06Attitudes towards trade unions in MaltaDebono, Manwel
2017Career education and guidance in Malta : development and outlookDebono, Manwel
2011The Centre for Labour Studies : its roots and evolving roleDebono, Manwel
2016Chapter 10 : WorkDebono, Manwel; Rizzo, Saviour
2016Diálogo social y trabajo decente en MaltaDebono, Manwel
2010EEO Review 2009 - Malta - task force set up to deal with specific manufacturing companies facing difficultiesDebono, Manwel
2012-07EEO Review : long-term unemployment - MaltaDebono, Manwel
2013-01EEO Review : promoting green jobs throughout the crisis - MaltaDebono, Manwel
2010-07EEO Review : self-employment, 2010Debono, Manwel
2009-12EEO Review : the employment dimension of economy greening – MaltaDebono, Manwel
2010-10EEO Review : youth employment measures, 2010 - MaltaDebono, Manwel
2014-09EEPO Review : start-up incentives - MaltaDebono, Manwel
2014-03EEPO Review : stimulating job demand - the design of effective hiring subsidies in Europe - MaltaDebono, Manwel