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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-04-22An appreciation of Valletta as part of Malta's tourism productEbejer, John
2002-04-14Arts and entertainment : the tourism perspectiveEbejer, John
2002Baptism of fire : the first nine years of Malta's new planning systemEbejer, John
2023The benefits of tourism and travel to the tourist's well-being : a conceptual discussionEbejer, John
2003-09-14Beyond fundingEbejer, John
2020-07A biased Planning AuthorityEbejer, John
2018-05-20A brazen abuse of the planning system (1)Ebejer, John
2018-05-27A brazen abuse of the planning system (2)Ebejer, John
2004-09-18A breakthrough for tourism!Ebejer, John
2001-04-15Bringing new life to the capitalEbejer, John
2020Case Study 1 : overtourism in Valletta - Reality or Myth?Ebejer, John
2020A change process for the Tourism Undergraduate Programme of the University of MaltaEbejer, John; Buttigieg, Noel; Avellino, Marie
2019Conservation issues of two fortified historic towns and World Heritage Sites : Rhodes and VallettaEbejer, John; Dimelli, Despina
2004-07-18Creating a sandy beach : a new experience for MaltaEbejer, John
2020A critical debate of the cultural and social effects of Valletta 2018 European Capital of CultureEbejer, John; Xuereb, Karsten; Avellino, Marie
2016Developing project concepts for historic sites : lessons learnt from Fort St. Elmo projectEbejer, John
2005Developing the Gozo tourism product - a strategic approachEbejer, John
2019E-mail from a tourist in 2030Ebejer, John
1988The effect of pedestrianisation on old village cores : Gudja case studyEbejer, John
2005-02-06Enhancing the attraction of the Malta destinationEbejer, John