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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018AlkylVM : a virtual machine for smart contract blockchain connected internet of thingsEllul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.
2017AndroNeo : hardening Android malware sandboxes by predicting evasion heuristicsLeguesse, Yonas; Vella, Mark Joseph; Ellul, Joshua
2022Bitcoin price change and trend prediction through twitter sentiment and data volumeVella Critien, Jacques; Gatt, Albert; Ellul, Joshua
2021-01Blockchain, decentralisation and the public interest : the need for a decentralisation conceptual framework for dAppsEllul, Joshua
2016A conflict resolution abstraction layer for eventually consistent databasesCassar, Rebecca Kai; Vella, Joseph G.; Ellul, Joshua
2018Contracts over smart contracts : recovering from violations dynamicallyColombo, Christian; Ellul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.
2017Doctoral symposium : an embedded DSL framework for distributed embedded systemsMizzi, Adrian; Ellul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.
2020Elderly fall detection systems : a literature surveyWang, Xueyi; Ellul, Joshua; Azzopardi, George
2014-11Enabling usage of cloud-based applications when offlineEllul, Joshua
2018Entering the age of the blockchain of thingsEllul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.
2021EtherClue : digital investigation of attacks on Ethereum smart contractsAquilina, Simon Joseph; Casino, Fran; Vella, Mark Joseph; Ellul, Joshua; Patsakis, Constantinos
2018Macroprogramming the blockchain of thingsMizzi, Adrian; Ellul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.
2020Mapping the future of legal personalityGanado, Max; Ellul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.; Tendon, Steve; Wilson, Bryan
2005MCommerceFx : a mobile commerce frameworkMontebello, Matthew; Ellul, Joshua
2021Optional monitoring for long-lived transactionsEllul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.
2021A pragmatic approach to regulating artificial intelligence : a technology regulator's perspectiveEllul, Joshua; McCarthy, Stephen; Sammut, Trevor; Brockdorff, Juanita; Scerri, Matthew; Pace, Gordon J.
2021Regulating artificial intelligence : a technology regulator’s perspectiveEllul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.; McCarthy, Stephen; Sammut, Trevor; Brockdorff, Juanita; Scerri, Matthew
2021Runtime monitoring processes across blockchainsAzzopardi, Shaun; Ellul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.
2022Should we regulate artificial intelligence or some uses of software?Ellul, Joshua
2021Towards external calls for blockchain and distributed ledger technologyEllul, Joshua; Pace, Gordon J.