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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The contribution of youth work in the context of migration and refugee matters. A practical toolbox for youth workers and recommendations for policymakers : results of the expert group set up under the European Union work plan for youth for 2016-2018Cassart, Florence; De Vriendt, Isabelle; Cuypers, Silke; Wollaert, Sien; Gyurov, Yasen; Maskova, Zdenka; Bækgaard, Birgítte; Hauser, Alexander; Kütt, Stiina; Giannaki, Dora; Sola Barleycorn, Ignacio; Živković, Ivana; Horvat, Gorana; Presenti, Carlo; Stergiou, Charalambos; Gudakovska, Natalja; Karpaviciute, Ieva; Mineikaitė, Aurelija; Lankeliene, Ieva; Pisani, Maria; Jagersma, Nynke; Schick, Wolfgang; Zentner, Manfred; Folgado, Pedro; Zlatar, Franci; Hvastija, Barbara; Vysna, Martin; Andersson, Jenny; Basarab, Tanya; Georgescu, Mara; Henriques, Andreia; Geudens, Tony; Konstantinos Charonis, Giorgos; Beecroft, Stephanie; European Commission
2015Education and Training Monitor 2015European Commission
2015-09Education and Training Monitor 2015: Country analysisEuropean Commission
2006Health status and living conditions in an enlarged Europe : monitoring report prepared by the European Observatory on the Social Situation : Health Status and Living Conditions NetworkEuropean Commission
2008The role of school leadership on student achievement: Evidence from TIMSS2003Vidoni, Daniele; Bezzina, Christopher; Gatelli, Debora; European Commission; Joint Research Centre