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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An analysis of the risk factors determining motor insurance premium in a small island state : the case of MaltaMagri, Ayrton; Farrugia, Andre; Valletta, Francis; Grima, Simon
2019Factors affecting the perception of bancassurance : the case of MaltaAgius, Kelly; Grima, Simon; Farrugia, Andre
2020The GDPR and the modern insurance underwriting practice : an analysis of the success or failure from an industry perspectiveFarrugia, Andre
2019The impact of evolving EU regulations on insurance underwritingFarrugia, Andre
2019The impact of the general data protection regulation on the financial services’ industry of small European statesXuereb, Kieran; Grima, Simon; Bezzina, Frank; Farrugia, Andre; Marano, Pierpaolo
2018Implications of the bank recovery and resolution directive on non-core banks and investment firms in MaltaAzzopardi, Denise; Farrugia, Andre; Grima, Simon; Baldacchino, Peter J.
2021The insurance utmost good faith principle : the case of MaltaFarrugia, Andre; Grima, Simon
2021A model to determine the need to modernise the regulation of the principle of utmost good faithFarrugia, Andre; Grima, Simon
2003The office of the Notary public in an ever-evolving electronic worldFarrugia, Andre
2018The reform of the doctrine of utmost good faith : a reconnaissance of the developments and outcome with particular reference to the UKFarrugia, Andre
2022A study of insurance contracts within the legal context of a small island influenced by the commonwealth, the European union and the Mediterranean : the case of utmost good faith and insurable interestMizzi, Ramon; Farrugia, Andre; Grima, Simon
2021Transparency in insurance regulation and supervisory law of MaltaBezzina, Geoffrey; Grima, Simon; Farrugia, Andre