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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Agreement reached at Maltapost in wake of industrial actionFarrugia, Christine; Debono, Manwel
2018Application of Lysinibacillus sphaericus for concrete crack healing using different calcium sourcesFarrugia, Christine; Borg, Ruben Paul; Buhagiar, Joseph A.; Ferrara, Liberato
2019The application of Lysinibacillus sphaericus for surface treatment and crack healing in mortarFarrugia, Christine; Borg, Ruben Paul; Ferrara, Liberato; Buhagiar, Joseph A.
2007-05Article on undeclared work from SYSDEM correspondent - MaltaDebono, Manwel; Farrugia, Christine
2006Denim announced the closure of its operations in MaltaDebono, Manwel; Farrugia, Christine
2006Dispute over forced leave at MaltapostDebono, Manwel; Farrugia, Christine
2020Dynamical dark energy modelsFarrugia, Christine
2023-07Effects of preprocessing on local homogeneity of fMRI dataFarrugia, Christine; Smith, Robert; Bajada, Claude J.
2013-06The Einstein enigmaCutajar, Diandra; Farrugia, Christine; Said, Jackson; Zarb Adami, Kristian
2006General Workers’ Union protests against Ports Services DirectiveDebono, Manwel; Farrugia, Christine
2022Geometric effects of volume-to-surface mapping of fMRI dataCiantar, Keith George; Farrugia, Christine; Galdi, Paola; Scerri, Kenneth; Xu, Ting; Bajada, Claude J.
2009The impact of the information and consultation directive on industrial relations - MaltaDebono, Manwel; Farrugia, Christine
2007Industrial action due to restructuring averted at MaltacomFarrugia, Christine; Debono, Manwel
2022Local gradient analysis of human brain function using the Vogt‑Bailey indexFarrugia, Christine; Galdi, Paola; Arenzana Irazu, Irati; Scerri, Kenneth; Bajada, Claude J.
2006Malta - the furniture industryDebono, Manwel; Farrugia, Christine; Scott, SueAnn
2007Malta rejects revision of working time directiveDebono, Manwel; Farrugia, Christine
2006Malta – the woodworking sectorDebono, Manwel; Farrugia, Christine; Scott, SueAnn
2008Nursing aides dispute reveals inter-union rivalryFarrugia, Christine; Debono, Manwel
2007Opposition party calls for upgrading of economic and social councilFarrugia, Christine; Debono, Manwel
2008Perceptions of globalisation : attitudes and responses in the EU - MaltaDebono, Manwel; Farrugia, Christine