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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-08150th anniversary : birth of Giuseppe Call - X, mechanised transport - YFarrugia, J.
1985-04170th anniversary of the Malta police force issue and other issuesFarrugia, J.
1995-045th Games of small nations of Europe - X, scouts and guides issue - YFarrugia, J.
2001-04Anniversaries 1997 - X, pioneers in education - YFarrugia, J.
2002-08Anniversaries 1998------X, Christmas 1998------YFarrugia, J.
1995-12Aviation issue - X, first man on the Moon - YFarrugia, J.
1985-12Centenary of the Malta Post Office issue and other issuesFarrugia, J.
1998-12Child and youth welfare - X, treasures of Malta - prehistoric art - YFarrugia, J.
1989-04Christmas 1988 issue - X, Independence 1964-1989 issue - YFarrugia, J.
1990-08Christmas 1989 issueFarrugia, J.
1992-12Christmas 1990 issue - X, 25th anniversary - philatelic society - YFarrugia, J.
1999-08Christmas 1996 - X, Treasures of Malta : Sedan chairs - YFarrugia, J.
2002-04Christmas 1997------X, commemorations 1997------YFarrugia, J.
1991-04Commemorations 1989 issue - X, Bush-Gorbachev issue - YFarrugia, J.
1991-12Commemorations 1990 issue - X, British men of letters issue - YFarrugia, J.
1995-12Commemorations 1994 issue - X, FIFA World Cup 1994 issue - YFarrugia, J.
1998-12Commemorations 1996 - X, Olympics 1996 - YFarrugia, J.
1982Definitive postage set issueFarrugia, J.
1984-08Detailed information about : 40th anniversary of the foundation of the G. W. U., Maltese ships second issue, and airmail 1984 issueFarrugia, J.
1986-03Detailed information about : 40th anniversary of the United Nations issue and other issuesFarrugia, J.