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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20091939 - 2009 : Is-70 anniversarju tal-bidu tat-Tieni Gwerra Dinjija - l-agħar perjodu tal-istorja tal-IslaFarrugia, James
2012'And that was only on one island': the pessimism of R.S. Thomas and Philip LarkinFarrugia, James
2015-03Anniversary seminar on Foucault and Derrida : theory and practice : reviewCaruana, Christine; Farrugia, James
2015-11Cioran’s ‘grain of ataraxy’ : boredom, nothingness, and quietismFarrugia, James
2014-06Editorial [Antae, Vol.1(2)] Farrugia, James; Micallef, Jeffrey
2015-03Editorial [Antae, Vol.2(1)] Farrugia, James; Scicluna, Irene
2016-04Editorial [Antae, Vol.3(1)] Aquilina, Aaron; Farrugia, James
2019-04Editorial [Antae, Vol.6(1)]Aquilina, Aaron; Farrugia, James
2020-12Editorial [Antae, Vol.7(2)]Farrugia, James; Fiott, Elsa
2019-02Emerging infectious diseases and the effect of climate changeFarrugia, James; Farrugia, Yanika; Vella, Chantal; Mallia Azzopardi, Charles
2014-06Encountering Malta II : British writers and the Mediterranean 1760 - 1840 : literature, landscapes, politics : conference reviewCaruana, Christine; Farrugia, James
2017EXCITE : extracting geographic information from textFarrugia, James
2014-01Games and literary theory conference, 2013 : conference reviewFarrugia, James; Micallef, Jeffrey
2013Il-Kan. Dun Emanuel Brincat : l-eroj li dejjem kien qrib in-niesFarrugia, James
2014-01Insularity : representations and constructions of small worlds, 2013 : conference reviewFarrugia, James; Fiott, Elsa
2006L-Isla u Cassino : ir-rabta bejn Malta u l-Italja permezz ta’ SengleanFarrugia, James
2016Local tourism susceptibility to climatic change case study : the Maltese islandsFarrugia, James
2014‘None but lost heads on none but lost bodies’ : nihilism and affirmation in J.M. CoetzeeFarrugia, James
2017Optimising path tracing with genetic algorithmsFarrugia, James
2020Peritoneal dialysis infections in Malta – trends over eleven yearsBorg Cauchi, Angela; Gauci, Maria Angela; Dalli, Theresia; Gauci, James; Farrugia, James; Farrugia, Emanuel; Borg, Michael Angelo