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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Adaptation of Brensen's thresholding algorithm for sketched line drawingsBartolo, Alexandra; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Farrugia, Philip; Borg, Jonathan C.
2023Additive manufacturing in bespoke interactive devices — a thematic analysisFarrugia, Philip; Cassar, Glenn; Vella, Pierre; Abela, Edward; Wodehouse, Andrew; Tamburrino, Francesco
2023An affordance-based requirements approach for developing therapeutic artefacts - a case study of speech and language toysBalzan, Emanuel; Farrugia, Philip; Wirth, Louisa F.; Casha, Owen; Gatt, Daniela
2012Analysing product development working practices for enhancing innovation through collaboration and simulationGalea, Amanda; Francalanza, Emmanuel; Farrugia, Philip; Borg, Jonathan C.
2016Augmented reality in the digital factoryFrancalanza, Emmanuel; Borg, Jonathan C.; Farrugia, Philip; Farrugia, Lawrence
2021Automatic speech recognition in the assessment of child speechButtigieg, Loridana; Grech, Helen; Fabri, Simon G.; Attard, James; Farrugia, Philip
2023An axiomatic design methodology for manufacturing process selection based on multi-user requirements mappingAbela, Edward; Vella, Pierre; Farrugia, Philip; Cassar, Glenn; Gauci, Maria Victoria; Balzan, Emanuel
2004A cameraphone-based approach for the generation of 3D models from paper sketchesCamilleri, Kenneth P.; Borg, Jonathan C.; Farrugia, Philip; Spiteri, Christopher L.; Bartolo, Alexandra
2009Cameraphones as new design toolsFarrugia, Philip; Borg, Jonathan C.; Camilleri, Kenneth P.
2011Can designers be proactively supported as from product specifications?Galea, Amanda; Borg, Jonathan C.; Grech, Alexia; Farrugia, Philip
2014A case study on the design of a modular surgical instrument for removing metastases using engineering design toolsPreca, George; Farrugia, Philip; Casha, Aaron
2012A computational framework for supporting innovation in product development through collaboration and simulationGalea, Amanda; Farrugia, Philip; Francalanza, Emmanuel; Borg, Jonathan C.
2017-09A concurrent engineering approach to develop BioMEMS employed in a deep brain stimulator integrated with a drug delivery systemCutajar, Abigail; Farrugia, Philip; Casha, Owen; Vella, Pierre
2007The cyborg astrobiologist : porting from a wearable computer to the Astrobiology Phone-camBartolo, Alexandra; MCGuire, Patrick C.; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Spiteri, Christopher; Borg, Jonathan C.; Farrugia, Philip; Ormo, Jens; Gomez-Elvira, Javier; Rodriguez-Manfredi, Jose´ Antonio; Diaz-Martinez, Enrique; Ritter, Helge; Haschke, Robert; Oesker, Markus; Ontrup, Jorg
2021A decision consequence-based model to understand the phenomena in motorcycle engineering design from a human factor's perspectiveAgius, Sean; Farrugia, Philip; Francalanza, Emmanuel
2019Design considerations for therapeutic devices - an investigation of pre-schoolers’ preferences for an artefact's basic characteristicsBalzan, Emanuel; Farrugia, Philip; Casha, Owen; Camilleri, Liberato; Wodehouse, Andrew
2012-08Design for micro insert moulding : a reviewFarrugia, Philip; Vella, Pierre; Said, Luke
2016Design of a novel vascular plug delivery device for minimally invasive surgical closure of aortic paravalvular leaksBorg, Michael; Sladden, David; Farrugia, Philip
2014-08Design of an endoscopic micro optical part for fabrication with micro two shot injection mouldingSaid, Luke; Rochman, Arif; Farrugia, Philip; Vella, Pierre
2017Design of an innovative implant for rib fracture stabilisationMallia, Keith; Casha, Aaron; Farrugia, Philip