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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10Acquired unilateral Brown Syndrome in newly diagnosed Systemic Lupus ErythematosusCoppini, Jessica; Aquilina, Annelise; Farrugia, Ruth; Muscat, Jessica; Attard Montalto, Simon
2007Avrupa Bírlíǧínde aíle polítíkalarliFarrugia, Ruth; Abela, Angela
2001Children's perceptions of their experience in foster or residential careAbela, Angela; Dimech, Raymond; Farrugia, Ruth; Role, John
2013Country report on Malta for the study on Member States' policies for children with disabilitiesEuropean Parliament. Directorate-General for Internal Policies of the Union; Callus, Anne-Marie; Farrugia, Ruth
2016The disabled child's participation rightsCallus, Anne-Marie; Farrugia, Ruth
2015-03Evaluation of legislation, policy and practice on child participation in the European Union (EU) : country report MaltaEuropean Commission. Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers; Farrugia, Ruth
2016Familialistic countries need a family-inclusive service when caring for people with mental health problems – the case of MaltaAbela, Angela; Farrugia, Ruth; Vella, Anna Maria; De Giovanni, Katya
2004Helping families to balance work and home : proposals for policyAbela, Angela; Debono, Maryanne; Farrugia, Ruth; Sant, Stephania; Vella, Anna
2009Integration at What Cost? Research into What Refugees Have to Say About the Integration ProcessFarrugia, Ruth; Koenig, Matthias
2013The journey within : stories of how mental health professionals give meaning to their own sense of well-beingFarrugia, Ruth
2005Lectures 1 : from inmate to stalemate : the rejected asylum seekerFarrugia, Ruth
2000Legal aspects of child and parental rightsFarrugia, Ruth
2019-10Measles is backFarrugia, Ruth; Pace, David
1999Parentage and human rights : the child's point of viewFarrugia, Ruth
2013The relationship between Maltese adolescents and their parentsAbela, Angela; Farrugia, Ruth; Casha, Claire; Galea, Marita; Schembri, Deborah
2012The relationship between parents and their adolescent children with special reference to consensual and contentious separationsAbela, Angela; Farrugia, Ruth; Galea, Marita; Schembri, Deborah
2006The removal of relative incapacities of children by Act XVIII of 2004Farrugia, Ruth
2006See Me, listen to me! Children's perspectivesGonzi, Mikela; Abela, Angela; Azzopardi, Arthur; Camilleri, Astrid; Caruana, Bernard; Borg, Chiara; Coleiro, Dorienne; Hessabi, Forough; Muscat, Josephine; Stensen, Josette; Tonna, Lara; Tortell, Malcolm; Abela, Marjoe; Cini, Marthese; Portelli, Rosette; Camilleri, Rosienne; Farrugia, Ruth; Anastasi, Tessa
2021-05Solitary confinement in Malta : a call for reformAzzopardi, Andrew; Bonnici, Jamie; Farrugia, Ruth