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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997The 1551 siege of Gozo and the repopulation of the islandFiorini, Stanley
2016The Arabs in Malta : 870-1150Fiorini, Stanley; Zammit, Martin R.
1991Artists, artisans and craftsmen at the Mdina Cathedral in the early sixteenth centuryFiorini, Stanley
2013Barbicans and posterns : new fifteenth-century documentation on the Mdina land-frontFiorini, Stanley
1998Book reviewFiorini, Stanley
2021Book review : Crux invicta: Il-Kurċifiss Mirakuluż U l-Kapuċċini f ’GħawdexFiorini, Stanley
2018The Capitula of Gozo, IFiorini, Stanley
2019The Capitula of Gozo, part IIFiorini, Stanley
1987'Carnj per lu carnivalj'Fiorini, Stanley
1988Church music and musicians in late medieval MaltaFiorini, Stanley
2017The Collegium Melitense and the Universitas Studiorum to 1798Fiorini, Stanley
1987A concert of Maltese baroque music by Benigno Zerafa (1726-1804)Zerafa, Benigno; Fiorini, Stanley; Borg, Abraham; Parlato Trigona, Tanya
2010Continuous k-to-1 functions between complete graphs of even orderDugdale, J. Keith; Fiorini, Stanley; Hilton, Anthony J.W.; Gauci, John Baptist
2003The crossing number of the generalized Petersen graph P[3k, k]Fiorini, Stanley; Gauci, John Baptist
1999The De Malta Genoese counts of Malta : c. 1192 - c. 1320Fiorini, Stanley
1993Demographic growth and the urbanization of the Maltese countryside to 1798Fiorini, Stanley
2007Drawwiet Maltin-dokumentazzjoni bikrija (1)Fiorini, Stanley
2014Fel uardiae col sceber raba iesue vquiae : sale of plots of land in Valletta, 1569Fiorini, Stanley
2012The Fondo Mesina in the Archivo Ducal de MedinaceliFiorini, Stanley; Vella, Horatio Caesar Roger
2007The fortification and the defence of Gozo down to 1551Fiorini, Stanley