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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The 36th European Seismological Commission General AssemblyD’Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline; Agius, Matthew R.; Bozionelos, George; Farrugia, Daniela; Colica, Emanuele
2012An ambient noise HVSR survey in Valletta World Heritage Site and the historical city of Mdina, MaltaD'Amico, Sebastiano; Gallipoli, Maria Rosaria; Galea, Pauline; Panzera, Francesco; Lombardo, Giuseppe
2012Ambient noise measurements in a zone affect by lateral spreading effects : the case study of Xemxija bay area, MaltaPanzera, Francesco; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Lotteri, Alessandra; Galea, Pauline; Lombardo, Giuseppe
2015Application of the reconfigurability of the integration time in stepped frequency GPR Systems : first examples in the fieldPersico, Raffaele P.; Dei, D.; Parrini, F.; Matera, Loredana; D’Amico, Sebastiano; Micallef, Aaron; Galea, Pauline
2021Assessing seismic site response at areas characterized by a thick buried low-velocity layerFarrugia, Daniela; Galea, Pauline; D’Amico, Sebastiano
2014Assessment of earthquake effects : contribution from online communicationD'Amico, Sebastiano; Agius, Matthew; Galea, Pauline
2019-04Attenuation relationships for the peak ground acceleration and velocity for the central Mediterranean areaPace, Sharon; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline; Valentino, Gianluca; Farrugia, Reuben; Akinci, Aybige
2019-12An augmented seismic network to study off-shore seismicity around the Maltese Islands : the FASTMIT experimentBozionelos, George; Galea, Pauline; D’Amico, Sebastiano; Plasencia Linares, M. P.; Romanelli, M.; Rossi, G.; Vuan, A.; Sugan, M.; Agius, Matthew R.
2019Central Mediterranean tectonics : a key player in the geomorphology of the Maltese IslandsGalea, Pauline
2017-04Characteristics of the recent seismic activity on a near-shore fault south of Malta, Central MediterraneanBozionelos, George; Galea, Pauline; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Agius, Matthew
2013-04Dynamic characteristics of a coastal area of lateral spreading using ambient noise time series : Anchor Bay, MaltaGalea, Pauline; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Farrugia, Daniela
2014-11Dynamic characteristics of an active coastal spreading area using ambient noise measurements - Anchor Bay, MaltaGalea, Pauline; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Farrugia, Daniela
2015Dynamic properties of buildings evaluated through ambient noise measurementsLombardo, Giuseppe; Panzera, Francesco; D’Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline; Torrisi, Antonio
2015Earthquake and people : the Maltese experience of the 1908 Messina earthquakeBorg, Ruben Paul; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline
2011Earthquake ground-motion scenario : case study for the Xemxija Bay area, MaltaD'Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline; Borg, Ruben Paul; Lotteri, Alessandra
2015Earthquake ground-motion scenarios in the Central Mediterranean area based on attenuation models and stochastic simulationsD'Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline; Panzera, Francesco; Farrugia, Daniela; Lombardo, Giuseppe; Akinci, Aybige
2013Earthquake ground-motion simulations for the Maltese ArchipelagoD’Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline
2015Earthquake lessons : a simple journey into our planet and what it makes it shakeD'Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline; Agius, Matthew R.; Bonello, Marc; Borg, Ruben Paul; Farrugia, Daniela; Lombardo, Giuseppe; Panzera, Francesco; Torpiano, Alex; SIMIT Working Group
2015The Easter Sunday 2011 earthquake swarm offshore Malta : analysis on felt reportsAgius, Matthew R.; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline
2018Engineering geological zonation of a complex landslide system through seismic ambient noise measurements at the Selmun Promontory (Malta)Iannucci, Roberto; Martino, Salvatore; Paciello, Antonella; D’Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline