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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20167300 years of vegetation history and climate for NW Malta : a Holocene perspectiveGambin, Belinda; Andrieu-Ponel, Valerie; Medail, Frederic; Marriner, Nick; Peyron, O.; Montade, Vincente; Gambin, Timmy; Morhange, Christophe; Belkacem, D.; Djamali, Morteza
2014Early to mid-Holocene vegetation dynamics on the Central Mediterranean island of Malta - a possible indicator of a major hydroclimatic changeGambin, Belinda; Andrieu-Ponel, Valerie; Médail, Frédéric; Marriner, Nick; Morhange, Christophe; Gambin, Timmy; Djamali, Morteza
2013Environmental history on a central Mediterranean islandGambin, Belinda; Medail, Frederic; Andrieu-Ponel, Valerie; Djamali, Morteza; Marriner, Nick; Morhange, Christophe; Gambin, Timmy
2019Fire as a motor of rapid environmental degradation during the earliest peopling of Malta 7500 years agoMarriner, Nick; Kaniewski, David; Gambin, Timmy; Gambin, Belinda; Vannière, Boris; Morhange, Christophe; Djamali, Morteza; Tachikawa, Kazuyo; Robin, Vincent; Rius, Damien; Bard, Édouard K.
2021-10Valleys : discovering Malta & Gozo's watercourses their value to societyParks Malta; Lanfranco, Sandro; Francesca Bellia, Andrea; Fenech, Natalino; Buhagiar, Keith; Portelli, Elena; Felix, Ines; Deidun, Alan; Sciberras, Arnold; Sciberras, Jeffrey; Patissier, Rylan; Gambin, Belinda; Calleja, Eman; Sapiano, Manuel; Cutajar, Aaron; Vella, Saviour
2013Vegetation dynamics during the early to mid-Holocene transition in NW Malta, human impact versus climatic forcingDjamali, Morteza; Gambin, Belinda; Marriner, Nick; Andrieu-Ponel, Valerie; Gambin, Timmy; Gandouin, Emmanuel; Lanfranco, Sandro; Medail, Frederic; Pavon, Daniel; Ponel, Philippe; Morhange, Christophe