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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20193D printed clamps to study the mechanical properties of tendons at low strainsVella Wood, Michelle; Casha, Aaron; Gatt, Alfred; Formosa, Cynthia; Chockalingam, Nachiappan; Grima, Joseph N.; Gatt, Ruben
2010-06Adjustable and negative thermal expansion from multilayered systemsGrima, Joseph N.; Oliveri, Ludovica; Ellul, Brian; Gatt, Ruben; Attard, Daphne; Cicala, Gianluca; Recca, Giuseppe
2015-07Advances in the study of the deformation mechanism of stishoviteAzzopardi, Keith M.; Brincat, Jean-Pierre; Grima, Joseph N.; Gatt, Ruben
2006An alternative explanation for the negative Poisson's ratios in α-cristobaliteGrima, Joseph N.; Gatt, Ruben; Alderson, Andrew; Evans, Kenneth E.
2005Anomalous elastic properties in stishoviteAzzopardi, Keith M.; Brincat, Jean-Pierre; Grima, Joseph N.; Gatt, Ruben
2021Aqueous and gaseous plasma applications for the treatment of mung bean seedsDarmanin, Martina; Fröhling, Antje; Bußler, Sara; Durek, Julia; Neugart, Susanne; Schreiner, Monika; Blundell, Renald; Gatt, Ruben; Schlüter, Oliver; Valdramidis, Vasilis P.
2007-03Auxetic behaviour from rotating semi-rigid unitsGrima, Joseph N.; Gatt, Ruben; Alderson, Andrew; Evans, Kenneth E.; Zammit, Victor
2008-09Auxetic behaviour from stretching connected squaresGrima, Joseph N.; Farrugia, Pierre-Sandre; Caruana, Christian; Gatt, Ruben; Attard, Daphne
2010-08Auxetic behaviour in non-crystalline materials having star or triangular shaped perforationsGrima, Joseph N.; Gatt, Ruben; Ellul, Brian; Chetcuti, Elaine
2012Auxetic biomedical designsCasha, Aaron; Gatt, Ruben; Grima, Joseph N.
2011Auxetic biomedical devicesCasha, Aaron; Gauci, Marilyn; Gatt, Ruben; Grima, Joseph N.
2015-07Auxetic metamaterials exhibiting giant negative Poisson's ratiosMizzi, Luke; Azzopardi, Keith M.; Attard, Daphne; Grima, Joseph N.; Gatt, Ruben
2016-01Auxetic perforated mechanical metamaterials with randomly oriented cutsGrima, Joseph N.; Mizzi, Luke; Azzopardi, Keith M.; Gatt, Ruben
2016-07A biomechanical hypothesis for the pathophysiology of apical lung diseaseCasha, Aaron; Camilleri, Liberato; Gatt, Ruben; Dudek, Krzysztof; Pace Bardon, Michael; Gauci, Marilyn; Grima, Joseph N.; Manche, Alexander
2016-07Blocked shape memory effect in negative Poisson’s ratio polymer metamaterialsBoba, Katarzyna; Bianchi, Matteo; McCombe, Greg; Gatt, Ruben; Griffin, Anselm C.; Richardson, Robert M.; Scarpa, Fabrizio; Hamerton, Ian; Grima, Joseph N.
2010-12Composites with needle-like inclusions exhibiting negative thermal expansion : a preliminary investigationGrima, Joseph N.; Ellul, Brian; Attard, Daphne; Gatt, Ruben; Attard, Michael
2019-09Designing new auxetic structures based on known 2D systemsFarrugia, Pierre-Sandre; Gatt, Ruben; Mizzi, Luke; Grima-Cornish, James N.; Grima, Joseph N.
2011The effect of defects and missing connections on the Poisson’s ratios and other properties of cellular systems with particular reference to their auxetic potentialCasha, Aaron; Gatt, Ruben; Grima, Joseph N.
2012Effect of rib cage shape on spontaneous pneumothoracesCasha, Aaron; Manche, Alexander; Giordimania, C.; Gauci, Marilyn; Wolak, W.; Dudek, Krzysztof; Gatt, Ruben; Grima, Joseph N.
2012The effect on poisson ratio of loss of structural elements in stentsCasha, Aaron; Gatt, Ruben; Grima, Joseph N.