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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysis of the potential of a wave energy conversion system for Maltese watersXuereb, Annalise; Spiteri Staines, Cyril; Mule Stagno, Luciano; Sant, Tonio; Drago, Aldo; Azzopardi, Joel; Gauci, Adam Pierre
2013Assessing the offshore wave energy potential for the Maltese islandsDrago, Aldo; Azzopardi, Joel; Gauci, Adam Pierre; Tarasova, R.; Bruschi, Antonello
2020Automatic benthic habitat mapping using inexpensive underwater dronesGauci, Adam Pierre; Abela, John; Cachia, Ernest; Dimech, Sean; Deidun, Alan
2019Automatic parametrisation of beached microplasticsGauci, Adam Pierre; Deidun, Alan; Galea, Anthony; Montebello, John
2020Automating jellyfish species recognition through faster region-based convolution neural networksGauci, Adam Pierre; Deidun, Alan; Abela, John
2019Automating the characterisation of beach microplastics through the application of image analysesGauci, Adam Pierre; Deidun, Alan; Montebello, John; Abela, John; Galgani, Francois G.
2018Back with a bang – an unexpected massive bloom of Cassiopea andromeda (Forskaal, 1775) in the Maltese Islands, nine years after its first appearanceDeidun, Alan; Gauci, Adam Pierre; Sciberras, Arnold; Piraino, Stefano
2014Can we predict the dispersal path of a jellyfish bloom?Cucco, Andrea; Cucco, Andrea; Umgiesser, Georg; Umgiesser, Georg; Drago, Aldo; Drago, Aldo; Cutajar, Denis; Gauci, Adam Pierre; Azzopardi, Joel; Deidun, Alan
2013Classification of the coastal water bodies of the Maltese Islands through the assessment of a decadal ocean colour data setAzzopardi, Joel; Deidun, Alan; Gianni, Fabrizio; Gauci, Adam Pierre; Angulo Pan, Berta; Cioffi, Michele
2013Comparative median grain size assessment through three different techniques for sandy beach deposits on the Maltese Islands (Central Mediterranean)Deidun, Alan; Gauci, Ritienne; Schembri, John A.; Segina, Ela; Gauci, Adam Pierre; Gianni, Fabrizio; Gutierrez, Juan Angel; Sciberras, Arnold; Sciberras, Jeffrey
2010Comparative modelling approaches of personal exposure to particle-associated PAHAquilina, Noel; Delgado-Saborit, Juana Mari; Gauci, Adam Pierre; Baker, Stephen; Meddings, Claire; Harrison, Roy M.
2016Defining the trophic status of Maltese (Central Mediterranean) coastal waters through the computation of water quality indices based on satellite dataFarrugia, Hazel; Deidun, Alan; Gauci, Adam Pierre; Drago, Aldo
2018Development of a novel tool for the monitoring of shipping traffic within the Strait of Sicily (Central Mediterranean) : the BIODIVALUE AIS vessel trackerDeidun, Alan; Gauci, Adam Pierre; Azzopardi, Joel; Camilleri, Cedric; Cutajar, Denis; Chalabreysse, Marie; Trinquard, Florian
2013Development of a novel tool to predict different water quality scenarios within a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the Maltese Islands : the 2D SHYFEM-BFM modelCucco, Andrea; Umgiesser, Georg; Deidun, Alan; Tarasova, R.; Azzopardi, Joel; Gauci, Adam Pierre
2014The development of the MED-JELLY smart phone application in the Maltese islandsMicallef, Ludwig; Deidun, Alan; Cutajar, Denis; Gauci, Adam Pierre
2011A first attempt at testing correlation between MODIS ocean colour data and in situ chlorophyll-a measurements within Maltese coastal watersDeidun, Alan; Drago, Aldo; Gauci, Adam Pierre; Galea, Anthony; Azzopardi, Joel; Melin, F.
2017The first record of the white-spotted Australian jellyfish Phyllorhiza punctata von Lendenfeld, 1884 from Maltese waters (Western Mediterranean) and from the Ionian coast of ItalyDeidun, Alan; Sciberras, Jeffrey; Sciberras, Arnold; Gauci, Adam Pierre; Balistreri, Paolo; Salvatore, Angelo; Piraino, Stefano
2016Gap filling of the CALYPSO HF radar sea surface current data through past measurements and satellite wind observationsGauci, Adam Pierre; Drago, Aldo; Abela, John
2013Genetic optimization for radio interferometer configurationsGauci, Adam Pierre; Zarb Adami, Kristian; Abela, John; Cohanim, Babak E.
2014Image classification for maerl and sandy seabed percentage coverage estimationGauci, Adam Pierre; Deidun, Alan